Gorae Hotdog Philippines: Korean Hotdogs Ready for Taking

Hotdogs are such a trusty food choice. It is fun, it is tasty, and it is convenient. Just slice them up real nice, fry them, and you are good to go. Plus, you can even pair it with rice or make a sandwich out of it to make it more filling. Others even make a hotdog omelette for breakfast and that is all they need to start their day with a smile.

There really is a lot you could do with hotdogs, but if you are looking for something that is an exciting mix of both old and new, Gorae Hotdog Philippines is your go-to! Looking at it, you will automatically get what they are all about ā€” corndogs! However, just like everything there is in this world, they are more than meets the eye. Gorae Hotdog Philippines is a Korean brand known for hotdogs wrapped in a special dough recipe. Like a corndog, right? Although, here’s the twist ā€” not only are their hotdogs wrapped in a special dough recipe, they are also then rolled in crumbs, noodles, and other interesting ingredients, and then called Korndogs!

That being said, Gorae Hotdog Philippines do not only have one variant of hotdog for you to pick, not even two nor three, but currently, they have seven interesting hotdog options for you to go crazy with! They have the Cheddar Jumbo Hotdog (Php 100), the Gorae Hotdog (Php 50), the Jumbo Hotdog (Php 75), the Mochi Hotdog (Php 75), the Mozza Jumbo Hotdog (Php 75), the Rainbow Hotdog (Php 75), and the Whole Mozzarella Hotdog (Php 100). No doubt, that is a lot of hotdogs, so you will surely find something that floats your boat.

You can add more texture to your choice of hotdog and request to add either potatoes or ramen noodles for only Php 20. Also, you can have yours sweetened for free, just request for a sugar coating. Besides that, if you are in the mood to explore more than just one hotdog, then you could opt to have yours in a takeout box filled with your desired flavors alongside your favorite dips and Korean condiments.

Currently, Gorae Hotdog Philippines has a physical store in BF Homes, BF Resort, and Malate. Do take note that their Malate branch is also available in foodpanda. To learn more about their offerings and how you could get your hands on these delectable korndogs, you can visit Gorae Hotdog Philippines’ Facebook and Instagram Pages.

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