Got an issue? Work it out with delicious cheesy meals only at Tori Chizu

With a cutie, catchy name, Tori Chizu entices you with meals that are of Japanese fusion alongside loads of cheese that any cheese lover would be happy about and fall head over heels in love with. Highlighting their tasty recipes of cheesy meals and more, their space is poppin’ with that fun yellow hue that would brighten anyone’s day.

Having a cozy and comfy space wherein you will be delighting in Japanese meals with a twist that are not only delicious, but filling as well, Tori Chizu continues to expand their menu offering to cater more cravings of their loyal and new diners alike.

Grab a hold of their Potato Takoyaki (Php 50) which is a great way to start your delectable Tori Chizu dining journey as this one is a serving of yummy balls of the ever-versatile food, potatoes!

Follow that one up with another fun treat, this time a leveled up version of a classic fave of many, their Japadog with Cheese (Php 69 | regular Php 50) is your trusty hotdog sandwich which you can get in either Curry Mustard or Barbecue Mayo.

For more easy eats, have the time of your life with their lovely bowls of yumminess – one which is their Mazemen (Php 135) which is a delectable noodle dish topped with texture-filled treats and the other one is their Gyudon (Php 155) which is a sumptuous rice meal with tender, saucy meat you will surely enjoy.

Speaking of rice, Tori Chizu has a bunch of Japanese Baked rice meals, also kown as Doria. These ones are not only rice-filled, but ultimately cheesy as well as every scoop is such a cheese pull experience you will take pleasure in. You should definitely not miss out on their Beef Yakiniku Doria (Php 179), Spicy Tomato Shrimp (Php 169), and Chicken Chizu Curry Doria (Php 149).

More into Tori Chizu’s Chicken goodness, order up their Chicken Katsu Bento (Php 189) which includes a huge slice of tender and crunchy chicken katsu, of course, alongside some rice, fresh veggie strips, soup, and dip!

Other than that, devour their new release that is their Japanese Style Chicken in both Umami and Spicy Umami variants. First, get a taste of their Umami Japanese Style Chicken (1 pc with rice Php 89 | 2 pc with rice Php 155 | pasta & chicken Php 165) and then get a lil’ adventurous with their Spicy Umami Japanese Style Chicken (1 pc with rice Php 92 | 2 pc with rice Php 161 | pasta & chicken Php 168)!

Filled with just luscious flavors and joy of satisfaction and fun, treat yourself with a milky, cheesy gift from Tori Chizu. Their Milk Chiz Soft Serve (Cup Php 39 | Cone Php 49) is absolutely a must-try and the perfect way to end a tasty and lifting meal time with Tori Chizu.

Tori Chizu undeniably has the mouths of Japanese cuisine fans and cheese lovers watering with each and every dish of theirs, so be quick and don’t think twice into trying to dine with them and enjoy every mouthful of your chosen meal!

Featured Branch: Tori Chizu, Eastwood, Citywalk

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