Grab ’em, Have ’em: JoyRide’s rice bowls are made with a delicious touch of Pinoy Pride

BGC is really the place to be if you feel like being in the city, but also being in the now, because although life in the city is usually fast-paced, being in BGC makes you feel a bit light with all the perspectives you get to see and realize. It is indeed a business district, but also there are a lot of greeneries to just sit on, chill in, and take a quiet moment at for yourself which we, people, often tend to overlook as we are always hustling.

Anyway, BGC is also known for Mercato. What is Mercato really? Mercato is a happening in BGC wherein you will be able to check out a lot of different food options – from easy munchies to sit down heavy meals. Recently in Mercato, Joyride was launched to the public once again, this time inspired from a jeepney look to really highlight that Pinoy pride we have always been proud of.

Furthermore, Joyride is a pop up booth in Mercato, BGC that is a collaboration between NutriAsia as well as Chef Jonvic Mangibin. This year’s Joyride aims to serve fresh and healthy food prepped and cooked with ingredients that are of NutriAsia, showcasing homegrown products that really are tatak Pinoy!

Chef Jonvic really wants to let people see and taste how NuttiAsia products can be used in making a variance of food that sure won’t only taste good, but satisfy you as well. This year’s Joyride offering is of DIY rice bowls as they want to encourage their customers to have their food with a personal touch.

You first have to choose your main – if you want it grilled, fried, or sisig style. Then you go choose your starch and veggies for sides. Lastly, you get to choose your sauce from an array of NutriAsia dips. If you are more on the go and just want to engage in a less decision making process, then you can def opt for their Signature Bowls.

Creamy Tofu (Php 150)
Crispy Fried Chicken (Php 150)

Their Signature Bowls consist of 5 yummy variants: the Creamy Tofu (Php 150) with roasted veggies and bahaykubo rice, the Crispy Fried Chicken (Php 150) with buttered corn and carrots and steamed rice, the Fish and Chips (Php 150) with fresh salad, the Pork Tonkatsu (Php 190) with baked sweet potato and coleslaw, and the Steak and Greens (Php260) with garlic adlai which is a personal fave of ours!

Joyride really did their best in order to give the best to the market, offering loaded and delicious rice bowls that would certainly not make your wallet cry, so if you are ever in BGC craving for goodies, drop by at Mercato and head straight to the colorful section that is none other than JoyRide!

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Address: Mercato Centrale, 25th street corner, 7th Ave, Taguig, 1000 Metro Manila

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