Grab jars of Kimchi and more from HanaKimchi

Don’t even think for a second that we are over with Kimchi, because we don’t think we will be tired of having it. We don’t think we could live without it, if we are being absolutely frank about this! It’s true, we love it that much that we think we won’t be able to make it if we can’t or we don’t have it.

Okay, fine, that might be a little exaggerated, but you get what we mean, right? We just really love Kimchi so much. It goes so well with not only the famous Samgyeopsal, but also with most fried food. It’s a wonderful choice of a side, to put it lightly.

As we now have pronounced our love for Kimchi for the nth time, let us tell you about our latest source, okay? HanaKimchi, a store wherein we recently got our Kimchi supply from. This store puts the spotlight on a number of Korean food favorites that we sure are always craving for, one of which, if it isn’t obvious yet, is Kimchi.

HanaKimchi prides itself for their authentic homemade Kimchi that is made with real Korean spices, so as to be able to provide an authentic Korean food experience. Their Kimchi is available in both Big (Php 250) and Small (Php 130) tubs, which is just great! It’s great, because not anyone is as crazy for Kimchi as we are, but also, we know there are a lot of people like us out there. Come on, don’t deny it, you are more like us.

Other than Kimchi, HanaKimchi actually has other Korean food, as we have mentioned, such as Kimbap (Php 150) which is available in Beef, Pork, Samgyup Roll, and what do you know, Kimchi too! Indeed, HanaKimchi is cray-cray for Kimchi too — and that’s why we love them!

There is a lot to crave for and drool over from HanaKimchi, so make sure to visit their Facebook page to find out more about all of it. For any concerns, don’t hesitate and just leave them a message.

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