Grand Hyatt and Cluziel Paris is here to bring your chocolate dreams to life

Grand Hyatt Manila continues to wow us with their unique offerings and interactive events. Last year we were in one of their invite-only events at their exclusive top floor event place, the Penthouse 66. This venue was absolutely majestic as it featured a spectacular view of BGC.

For this event, Grand Hyatt Manila and Cluziel Paris teamed up to give media and food creatives a chocolate experience like no other! It was certainly a lovely afternoon filled with entertaining and interesting stories about Cluziel Paris, the French chocolate brand and its mission to serve gourmet chocolates directly sourced from their partner plantations in Brazil, Santo Domingo, Mexico, Sao Tome, Madagascar, Colombia, and Guatemala.

On top of that, Cluziel Paris also highlighted how their chocolate is a renowned product worldwide as discerning chefs in restaurants around the globe, including Grand Hyatt Manila, use it in an array of well-loved delicacies.

Grand Hyatt x Cluziel Paris Event

That being said, Grand Hyatt and Cluziel Paris collaborated to prepare and make The Peak’s newest desserts. The Peak is one of Grand Hyatt Manila’s dining venues, and it is a beautiful mix of grill restaurant, speakeasy, whisky bar, and music lounge. Truly, The Peak can take their diners from dining, to drinks, and of course, to an unmatched memorable experience. 

Grand Hyatt x Cluziel Paris Event

With that, Cluziel Paris also flew in its ambassador for Asia, Chef Alexis Bouillet, a world pastry champion at the 2011 World Skills Competition, to work together with Grand Hyatt’s talented and incredible pastry chef, Chef Nicholas Verngole. These amazing chefs created the newest desserts that are now being served at The Peak, and they the Dark Chocolate Praline Choux as well as the Chocolate Pod.

Grand Hyatt x Cluziel Paris Event

The Dark Chocolate Praline Choux is a choux pastry with a craquelin top, a Cluziel praline spread with hazelnuts in the center, and dark chocolate ganache for filling.

Grand Hyatt x Cluziel Paris Event

This delectable treat is finished with hazelnut milk chocolate whipped ganache with a lovely dollop of salted caramel in the middle, roasted hazelnuts, grated Cluziel Kayambe Noir 72% dark chocolate, and a dash of asin tibuok which is a rare artisanal salt from Bohol. Indeed, a lot of knowledge, skill, and creativity was poured onto this luscious dessert.

Grand Hyatt x Cluziel Paris Event

The other new addition, the Chocolate Pod, is heavily inspired from cocoa pods. This pod-shaped goodie has a meringue shell that is coated with dark chocolate and is filled with a scoop of cocoa nib ice cream, dark chocolate ganache, cocoa streusel, and then finished with a dark chocolate espuma with cocoa powder. This was a decadent treat with tangy and bittersweet layers as Cluziel La Laguna Guatemala 70% dark chocolate was used in making this.

Grand Hyatt Manila and Cluziel Paris no doubt went all out with these two latest desserts for The Peak and we are all for it! As people who got first dibs on this, you better believe us when we say these are a must-try. Know what’s latest about Grand Hyatt Manila by checking out their Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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