Green Canyon Eco Resort: Giving you a delicious and refreshing experience through food and nature!

Being in the city surely has its perks, but we also cannot deny how being one with nature is such a bliss from time to time. Seeking refuge, being away from toxicity is such a tempting idea that we are lucky and grateful to have actualized often times than not – Green Canyon Leisure Farms is a premiere destination wherein people explore the beauty of what nature has to offer as it is a place where eco-consciousness meets indulgence.




Having a sustainable and interactive environment which allows their guests to reintroduce themselves to nature, what we think is best to experience this other than staying here is to actually eat here because their restaurant is serving up a variance of family style-modern Filipino dishes, highlighting farm to table offering with their fresh produce which all came from their organic farm.


As we have reached this sanctuary right at the time of merienda, they were so accommodating that they served us with some of their greatest finger food as we rest our tired bodies from the traffic-filled drive.


The Sweet Potato Chips (Php 100) were a delectable order of sliced kamote that has a pinch of sea salt and crushed black pepper. Adding that with more of a fiery flavor, the Dynamite Chili Fingers (Php 150) are of fresh chili fingers with cheese, ham, and aioli sauce.



Who said we are stopping with those, though? Next we had two of their lovely pizzas; the first one being their Classic Mushroom Pizza (Php 600) that is slathered with pomodoro, topped with crispy garlic and sautéed mushroom, and drizzled with cheese. And as if they heard us wanting more of that delicious milk’s leap to immunity, the second pizza variant we had was their All Cheese (Php 600) that is oozing with not one, not two, but three different kinds of cheese which are parmesan, cream cheese, and house three cheese.


Lastly, before we head to our wonderful rooms, we were filled up with their mouthwatering Spicy Chicken Wings (Php 350) which are of course, crispy and tender chicken wings covered with house breading mix, and some chili flakes.

After having that wonderful merienda, we headed to our rooms wherein we relaxed even more for a while and then explored the beauty of what the resort is abundant of. We didn’t notice the time as we have been so enthralled with nature until dinner came and we were once again in front of the table ready to devour everything.


Starting this one with their Filipino Lomi (Php 260) which is a hearty bowl of soup, beef, shrimp, onion leeks, bell pepper, carrot, and eggs that each of us truly enjoyed, especially with the night breeze just around the corner. Next after that was the yummy Asian Chicken Salad (Php 280) which was made with farm fresh vegetables and crispy breaded chicken.


Following that was their Bagnet Kare-Kare (Php 480) which is something that they are proud of as this one is of crispy pork belly, peanut sauce, and local vegetables. While the Salmon Sinigang (Php 400) comes with salmon head & belly, chili, tamarind, and local vegetables that are no doubt fresh.


For dessert, what we had was their Turon Leche Flan Ala Mode (Php 200) and we undeniably loved each bite as this one is Filipino custard wrapped in spring roll wrapper topped with their drool-worthy homemade ice cream.

Finishing our first night here with that lovely dinner served to us, we took another tour around this splendid place not only to give our tummy some break, but also to fully imbibe the fresh air and refreshing environment that we were so glad to be in.


Wrapped in our fluffy comforters and warm beds, we were woken up from our deep slumber as we know there are a lot of activities planned for us to do before this another gifted day ends, but first we need fuel to go on about our day and that fuel will be coming from an amazing breakfast prepared for us.


Each of us got a plate of different dishes from their All Day Breakfast selection, starting with their Garlic Beef Tapa (Php 380) that is of seasoned beef strips, crispy garlic, and eggs.


Another breakfast dish was the Dulce De Leche Waffles (Php 200) which is such a charming sweet treat in the morning as this one is served with crisped waffle and caramel syrup.


And of course, our breakfast won’t be complete without some eggs and so we had Mushroom & bell Pepper Omelette (Php 180) which is of battered eggs with button mushroom and seared bell pepper.

To further wake us up, we also had two mugs of love which are the Peanut Butter Coffee Shake and Hot Chocolate Tablea which surely satisfied our choco lover souls within.

With the bright sun up saying hello to us as we brave another day filled with adventure and fun, we could not help but have a smile on our faces and continue to be amazed as if everything that we are seeing is nothing we have seen before, but then again, as we have been used to live in the city with high-rise buildings and busy streets, it is no surprise that this kind of ambiance is something we seem to have always been craving for.



As that was the case, we took it upon us to breathe in more of the fresh, crisp air; take in the sight of the vibrant, tall trees; watch with awe-struck eyes the dancing, colorful flowers and a whole lot more as we are soon to end this wonderful trip soon, but of course, we are not to cut this trip without having another lip-smacking good meal.



Starting with a heavy dish right away, the Pan Seared Salmon with Creamy Pesto (Php 620) is of spiced salmon fillet, basil, olive oil, nuts, and mixed greens. Followed by their Green Canyon Fried Chicken (Php 410 | Php 680) which is crispy golden chicken fillet, served with a choice of gravy or peanut sauce.


Next was their Creamy Carbonara (Php 350) that is of crème, parmesan, and mushroom. Balancing those with some greens, the Garden Salad (Php 230) is made with fresh farm vegetables, chopped chicken, and black olives.



And of course, topping this all off with two delectable desserts which are both cakes; first with their Yema Cheesecake (Php 180) which is made of homemade yema, cream cheese, eggs, and milk that certainly hit that sweet spot we totally loved. Lastly, the Carrot Cake (Php 160) is of fresh grated carrots and crème cheese frosting that is just bursting with exquisite flavors we undeniably took pleasure in every forkful.

Our stay here in Green Canyon Leisure Farms was absolutely made extra special with every delightful meal time we had – may it be breakfast, lunch, merienda, or dinner. Everything was indeed breathtaking and appetizing especially with the ingredients being freshly picked from their very own farm.

With that, dining here is really something to be grateful as each day spent here in this resort and each meal eaten and devoured as well here is such an enchanting and a scrumptious gift.

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