Grill Pit – Cabuyao can make your samgyup-at-home dreams come to life

Are you ready to grill? Are your chopsticks or thongs ready? How about your scissors to cut the meat? Is your tummy ready to get stuffed? How about you in general? Are you ready? Well, if you are, then know that Grill Pit ‐ Cabuyao has been waiting for you.

Grill Pit – Cabuyao is all about fulfillung your cravings for Korean dishes at a pocket-friendly price. Their Unlimited Korean BBQ which includes unlimited meat, unimited cheese, unlimited side dishes, unlimited soup, and unlimited rice is priced only for Php 398 per person. Truly, you will be digging into this as much as you want and as much as you can.

If you are still not comfortable going out and eating, Grill Pit Cabuyao is ready to deliver. Their Barkada Package (Php 1399) which is already good for 4 to 5 people is just waiting to be availed by you. This package already includes 1kg of meat — 500 grams pork & 500 grams beef — alongside sides that are of kimchi, potato marble, japchae, stir fried eggplant, lettuce, and cheese; so what else are you waiting for? Call up your friends and family and bond over this feat of an offer.

Other than their Barkada Package, Grill Pit – Cabuyao’s Take-Out Menu also includes Ala Carte Options both for meat and sides. For Pork, they have Plain Pork A (500 grams Php 259 | 1 kilogram Php 489) and Spicy Pork (500 grams Php 269 | 1 kilogram Php 519), while for Beef, they have Plain Beef (500 grams Php 309 | 1 kilogram Php 589) and Bulgogi (500 grams Php 319 | 1 kilogram Php 609).

You can also top that off with more of their Sides as even those are available for take-out as well. They have Kimchi (500 grams Php 189 | 1 kilogram Php 339), Potato Marble (500 grams Php 159), Fish Cake (300 grams Php 194), Stir Fried Eggplant (300 grams Php 150), Japchae (300 grams Php 194), Lettuce (500 grams Php 200), Cheese Sauce (small tub Php 65), and Sauces (Php 25).

There you have it. No need for you to go out when you are craving for Samgyup, because you can in fact have it at home with Grill Pit – Cabuyao. To know more, you can visit their Facebook Page for more details.

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