Grub ‘N A Box is the Hunger Partner you could definitely lean on!

Hungry? Better grab your Grub ‘N A Box, your hunger partner. This one is not going to be hungry with you, but rather be the solution to your hunger. Available in both dine-in and delivery, Grub ‘N A Box has a packed menu for you to just indulge in and conquer!

Sausages, Burgers, Wings, Side, and a whole lot of Bundles, surely you will find something that would and could handle your huge mood for amazing food! Grub ‘N A Box is like a gastronomic adventure that you will not get tired of going for, because everything is just so mouthwatering that you will go for seconds in just minutes.

Grub ‘N A Box claims to have the best sausages in town, so you better not miss out on these! Their BBQ Hungarian (Php 228), Jalapeño Bratwurst (Php 228), Pickly Schublig (Php 228), Bacon N Cheese (Php 228), Chorizo with Jalapeño Salsa (Php 320) are all ready to fill you up. You can also go for a Set of 4 (Php 888) when you just could not choose and want to try a bunch.

Ready to handle more? Their Wings will give you a different high, so you definitely better be ready to fly! They have Buffalo Wings, H-BBQ Wings, Truffle Parmesan Wings, and Mild Cheese Wings — just a variance of tasty wings you would not be able to say no to. You can go for whatever flavor you want in 10 Pieces (Php 328) and 20 Pieces (Php 648).

These savory dishes can also be paired with some sides. Grub ‘N A Box has two types of Potato Wedges, the Truffle Wedges (Php 158) and Cheesy Wedges (Php 268), because potatoes are heaven sent and there’s a whole lot of yum in them!

To wrap this Grub ‘N A Box feast up, their Babba’s Chocolate Dream Cake is a dream come true for any chocolate lover out there! Delight in this goodie for only Php 450 and just have your heart melting with warmth and lusciousness.

Grub ‘N A Box has a Facebook Page as well as an Instagram Page for you to check out. However, you can also drop by their physical dining place at BF Homes Parañaque for that full Grub ‘N A Box experience!

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