Grumpy Joe Pampanga will shoo your grumpiness away

Being grumpy is not a lovable trait, but Grumpy Joe will have you falling in love with them, especially if you are in Pampanga, because this well-loved restaurant in Baguio now has a presence at the heart of San Fernando, Pampanga! This calls for a celebration, indeed. 

Grumpy Joe Pampanga

Grumpy Joe Pampanga is about to celebrate their one-year anniversary in August, and they surely had a wonderful first year filled with unforgettable memories of families enjoying themselves over plates of delicious food and delectable drinks. Truly, a lot of heartwarming scenes have taken place here. 

Grumpy Joe Pampanga

If you are also thinking of bringing your friends and family here to celebrate a milestone or just treat them with a lovely meal, then you are surely in for more than just a treat. Plus, we have a bunch of yummy dishes that you should definitely not miss out on when you find yourselves in Grumpy Joe Pampanga.

Caesar Salad
Baked Potato
Mozzarella Sticks
Homemade Chicken Fingers

You can kick things off with their Caesar Salad (Php 285) with homemade dressing as well as their Shrimp Tomato Chowder (Php 145) for a flavorful start; and you can also add more to that by checking out their selection of Sides which will have you drooling in no time. From their sides, better reach for their Coleslaw (Php 200), Baked Potato (Php 250), Mozzarella Sticks (Php 280), and Homemade Chicken Fingers (Php 300) with Grumpy Joe Honey Dill & Fries. Trust us, you are going to love each and every one of these dishes!

Grumpy Joe Special
Teriyaki Chicken

After those, you can carb things up on your table by ordering their Grumpy Joe Special (Php 290) which is served with tasty thick cut fries, alongside their Teriyaki Chicken (Php 295) which comes with a generous serving of rice. These will have you guys babying a round full belly. 

However, try to not get full right away, because Grumpy Joe Pampanga has so much more to offer! Their Lasagna (Php 340) and Seafood Marinara (Php 360) are just two of our favorite pastas from their Pasta Options, and we suggest you go for these two as well. We are telling you, they will not disappoint!

Grumpy Joe Pizza

Follow that with a dish that is undeniably shareable: Pizza! You can go for their crowd favorite pizza flavor which is none other than their Grumpy Joe Pizza (9″ Php 380 | 12″ Php 655 | 16″ Php 890) which is delicious because it has tomato sauce, ham, ground beef, bacon, bell pepper, onion, and pineapple bits. This will have you delighting in both sweet and savory notes at the same time. 

You can also get two flavors in one pizza here at Grumpy Joe Pampanga. What we decided to pair with each other when we were there were their 5 Cheese Pizza (9″ Php 360 | 12″ Php 625 | 16″ Php 830) which is oozing with five kinds of cheese melted together, alongside their Pesto Margherita (9″ Php 350 | 12″ Php 615 | 16″ Php 780) which is refreshing and sumptuous as it has tomato and pesto sauce, tomato slices, basil, and garlic.

Cafe Latte
Iced Tea Raspberry
Hot Ube Truffle

These dishes will really have you wrapped in indulgence in every mouthful, but also, you better get your table some of Grumpy Joe Papampanga’s beverages such as their Cafe Latte (Php 160 | +Php 15 for Hazelnut or Almond); Iced Tea Raspberry  (Php 150); and our ultimate favorite, their Hot Ube Truffle (Php 160). These will not only freshen you up, as these will also make you feel relaxed. 

Grumpy Joe Pampanga is no doubt perfect for family gatherings. In fact, when we went there, a lot of the diners were actually celebrating graduations and even birthdays. It was such a lovely sight, really. Catch more of Grumpy Joe Pampanga by checking them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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