Gustosa Pizza & Sfizi: Treat yourself with an Italian tradition that is crafted with Filipino passion

Gustosa Pizza & Sfizi puts the spotlight on handcrafted Napoletana style brick oven pizzas that are surely made only with quality ingredients that they could get their hands on; however, that’s not the only yummy dish they have, because their menu is packed with a wide variance of appetizers, pizza, pasta, mains, bundles, extras, dessert, and even drinks. Yum!

With their simple mission that is to serve good food that is done well all the time, Gustosa Pizza & Sfizi helps people make meaningful conversations through their food that not only nourishes, but also satisfies! Indeed, their food is a springboard for stimulating conversation, pure enjoyment, and lasting memories you would find yourself reminiscing about from time to time.

As that is the case, we knew we had to have a taste of Gustosa Pizza & Sfizi’s yummies, and since their pizza is what they are known for and well-loved for, then we decided to not only go for one, not even two, but three luscious types of that! Spoiler alert: They were all delicious, no doubt!

The Gustosa Signature Pizza (Php 650) is made with longganisa, black truffle, baked red onion, mozzarella, and smoked scarmoza cheese, while the Napoletana (Php 460) is made with pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, anchovies, and garlic confit. These two pizzas were absolute delights, especially because every bite is as luscious as you have imagined it to be, if not more.

After having those two, we were feeling a bit inclined to having something that would satisfy our Filipino palate as well, so we then went on to grab a serving of their Sisig Pizza (Php 500) too. This one is of mozzarella, sisig, green chilli, baked red onion, sisig sauce, and egg. Truly a scrumptious and fun Filipino twist on a handcrafted Napoletana style brick oven pizza!

If you have been feeling tired of your everyday routine, then these uniquely special yet simply delicious treats from Gustosa Pizza & Sfizi will certainly be the wonderful break you have been craving for. Feel free to check out their Facebook and Instagram pages if you want your days to be flavored by Italian tradition and crafted with Filipino passion!  

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