Hands Down!: Baked by Erika got us wanting for more

If you think baking can provide you delectable pastries that would have you hooked right away with even just a sniff of its scent, then you are not totally wrong about that and we can’t actually blame you; but also, baked goodies are more than just sweets, because there are a lot of baked treats that are savory too — and Baked by Erika is here to prove it to you!

Baked by Erika is actually well-loved by a lot of people. Their selection of baked yummies are just absolutely irresistible that saying no to it is just impossible. From tasty baked sushis to drool-worthy pastas and of course, a number of breads, Baked by Erika has all that covered.

Their Mango Kani Baked Sushi comes in Small (Original Php 300 | Spicy Php 350), Medium (Original Php 650 | Spicy Php 700), and Large (Original Php 1250 | Spicy Php 1300). This one is of luscious flavors with a refreshing fruity twist, thanks to the mangoes. Also, avail some extra Noris for only Php 40 per pack.

If you are looking for something meatier, then their Baked Beef Bulgogi will have you falling in love. This one comes in Medium (Original Php 830 | Spicy Php 880) and in Large (Original Php 1600 | Spicy Php 1650).

Meanwhile, for the baked pasta options, Baked by Erika has Pure Beef Lasagna in Small (Php 250), Medium (Php 800), and Large (Php 1650), as well as Cheesy Baked Macaroni in Small (Php 200), Medium (Php 750), and Large (Php 1600) too. These ones are surely flavorful and heavy on the belly!

Of course, Baked by Erika also has some sweet treats ready to be grabbed! Their Ensaymada comes in two flavors and these are Ube Cheese Ensaymada (6 pieces Php 260) and Classic Cheese Ensaymada (6 pieces Php 260). These are great as a meal ender or even just as a snack to munch on over breaks.

Baked by Erika really have brought their A-game when it comes to baking, so if you want to get a taste of their products, then do visit their Facebook and Instagram Pages for more details. Don’t hesitate to drop them a message and fill out their Order Form whenever you are ready!

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