Happy 15 Years in the Philippines, CBTL!

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, or simply known as CBTL, has been in the coffee scene in the Philippines for more than a decade already. In fact, it is celebrating its 15th year in providing quality cups of coffee and tea in the country.

Last month, we attended the event of CBTL in BGC entitled 15 Years of You and Me. During this event, we learned the history of the brand and its advocacy.


The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf was born in Southern California in 1963. It is considered as one of the oldest coffee and tea retailers in the world. Since then, CBTL aims to provide its consumers top quality beverages by getting the top 1% of specialty grade Arabica beans for coffee and only the finest whole leaf teas. It is good to note that CBTL was the first one who made Ice Blended drinks.

The highlights of the event include tea and coffee cupping sessions, make-your-own Ice Blended drink, and completing the task list that The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf prepared for its guests. We particularly loved the cupping sessions as we’ve learned the basics on brewing coffee and tea. We learned about light, medium and dark roast. We liked the latter the most as this yields stronger and bolder coffee taste.


We were also able to formulate our own Ice Blended drink, which we used hazelnut as our main ingredient. It’s just so delicious! Lastly, it was fun completing the CBTL crossword puzzle as it’s informative and it let us communicate and socialize with other bloggers in the event.


Overall, we had fun in the event!

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf continues to bring smiles to everyone by innovating new flavors, and introducing promos without sacrificing quality. They also give back to the community through its Caring Cup program. We’re so happy of this initiative of CBTL, as it only goes to show that they are socially responsible too.


To know more, visit The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Philippines) page on Facebook.

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