Happy 5th Anniversary, Shrimp Bucket!

Shrimp Bucket has been one of our go-to restaurants when we crave for shrimps. They have pretty good and wide selection of sauces that go well with shrimps. Our favorites include Mardi Gras and Salty Eggsperience.



Just recently, Shrimp Bucket had their 5th anniversary and they celebrated it the best way possible. It was held at the open space parking located at the 30th corner 9th avenue in BGC. They served unlimited chicken, ribs, and of course, shrimps! With live bands and games to entertain their visitors, we surely had a great time.



Let’s now go to the food, shall we?

Let us start with what they offer best. Shrimps! With all honesty, we think that Shrimp Bucket has two of the best-tasting sauces for shrimps – Mardi Gras and Salty Eggsperience. Mardi Gras has chorizo bits in a spicy and flavorful sauce. It’s perfect to those seeking for a nice kick that go with their shrimps.

The Salted Eggsperience is a favorite among salted egg lovers in the Metro. It has a nice balance of saltiness and creaminess that makes every customer order an additional cup of rice.


It’s kind of surprising that the ribs and chicken of Shrimp Bucket are also good. The chicken was flavorful and best enjoyed while it’s hot. The ribs had a nice smoky taste. The meat was soft and tender and grilled to perfection.



For the drinks, we had their lemonade. It was good and concentrated which perfectly quenched our thirst that night.


Overall, we enjoyed the unlimited food during the event. The live bands that performed also helped in making the night all the more enjoyable.

Surely, Shrimp Bucket has proven that it is still the royalty in providing us the best shrimps in town!


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