Hashi Donburi: Your new source of scumptious Japanese delicacies in QC!

If you have been in Dapitan a few times, then Hashi Donburi prolly rings a bell, right? Well, a lot has been a fan of Hashi Donburi and the question “When are they going to open another branch?” has come out of the mouths of many of their loyal diners. It’s not because they are not happy with the Dapitan branch, for sure, but rather, they want more people to experience the delectableness Hashi Donburi can actually give! And finally, Hashi Donburi have opened another branch! ‘Where?”, you might ask… “In QC”, we tell yah!

Enough of that monologue, why don’t we go talk more about this new branch of Hashi Donburi? The concept behind this QC branch is a restobar in which people could just chill, enjoy drinks,eat delicious Japanese food, have a chat – basically just relax and de-stress. All that really is possible with Hashi Donburi especially as they are offering authentic Japanese delicacies that is worthy of its price and which diners could enjoy in a space that has the right blow-off-some-steam vibe decorated and designed with comfy couches, stools, cherry blossom wall decors, paper lanterns, and so much more.

With all that, one can never go wrong with Hashi Donburi’s starters such as their Gyoza (Php 159) which is a serving of Japanese dumplings stuffed with ground meat and veggies, as well as their Tempura (Php 179) which is a serving of battered and deep-fried prawns matched yamasa – such yum!

Seafood Ramen (Php 239)
Tempura Ramen (Php 239)

From appetizers, move onto their variance of ramen which you sure will fall in love with. You are so going to delight in their Tantanmen (Php 299) if you are a fan of spice as this one is a peanut-based spicy ramen topped with pork slices and egg. Meanwhile, if you want to experience the bounty of the sea, ramen-style, then you could totally slurp up either their Seafood Ramen (Php 239) which is a misou-based ramen topped with shrimp, crabs, and squid with egg, or their Tempura Ramen (Php 239) which is a bowl of tempura-topped ramen that is available in either shoyu or misou bases. Another variant that you def would take pleasure is Pork Bavarian Ramen (Php 239) which is a house favorite ramen topped with pork slices, narutomaki, eggs, and wakame, available either in shoyu or misou bases.

Gyudon (Php 199)

From noods, let’s go to another version of carbs – rice! Hashi Donburi also has an offering of Donburi. Better not miss out on their bestselling Donburis which are Katsudon (Php 199) that is of breaded deep-fried pork cutlets as well as Gyudon (Php 199) that is of beef and onion simmered in sweet sauce with dashi.

Other than those, of course, customers could have a roll with all the punches they are taking in life with flavorful and funky rolls like the Hashi Emperor (Php 299) and Hashi Salmon (Php 299) which are two of their Maki Rolls, the Salmon Sushi Roll (Php 149) and Unagi Sushi Roll (Php 199) which are must-tries, and don’t forget of their special ones like the Rainbow Special Roll (Php 299)! Surely, there are rolls for everyone here at Hashi Donburi.

Hashi Donburi really offers a a lot of delectables to their customers. They have classics here and some fresh ideas that their kitchen came up and tweaked with, so really, everyone could have a fun time here. If you are doubting as to what you want, we suggest to go for some of our faves like Salmon Teppanyaki (Php 493), Pork Tonkatsu Bento Box (Php 219), Katsu, Karaage, and Hashidon.  

Salmon Sashimi

For when you are feeling you want to pair your choices with some healthy options, then you can never go wrong with Hashi Donburi’s Kakiage which is a special order, Edamame, and Papaya. And here’s a bonus from us, try out their Salmon Sashimi because they also offer sashimi off the menu.

For the final wapow, Hashi Donburi’s Tempura Ice Cream is an innovative take on the classic ice cream that many people truly love! Try this one and you totally won’t grow tired of it because it is such a dream.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hashi.donburi/

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Featured Branch: Hashi Donburi – Mother Ignacia branch

Address: 139 Mother Ignacia Ave Brgy, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila

Contact Number: (02) 901 5424

Hours of Operation: Sunday to Saturday 11AM to 11PM

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