Have a bowl of exquisite ramen served with greatness at Taisho Ramen Teppanyaki


Roaming around SM North almost the whole day is surely a tiresome thing to do. With a body wanting to just lay down and sore legs that just want to rest for a while, finding Taisho Ramen Teppanyaki is more than just a place we needed to have a much deserved break before we head home and hit the sack.



All the way from Hakata and running for almost six years now, Taisho actually means Master which gives their diners a promise of having a ramen and teppanyaki experience given by someone great in the kitchen. Alongside with that, Taisho Ramen Teppanyaki is great for casual conversations especially the space gives off a vibe that would make you sit back and relax.



Starting it big with their classic, bestseller ramen, the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen (Php 295) is a bowl of simmered pork bones, also known as tonkotsu, soup based on the original taste of one of Hakata’s famous food, “Hakata Ramen”. The subtle deliciousness of the taste of this ramen will make you dig into it more and more.


Following that with their another classic, bestseller ramen, but this one is of a spicy variant; the Karamen Ramen (Regular Spicy Php 340 | Medium Spicy +Php 20 | Deadly Spicy +Php 35) is cooked in tonkotsu soup blended with Korean spices that comes with different spicy levels which are regular spicy, medium spicy, and deadly spicy for the brave heart.


More into their ramen variants, Taisho Ramen Teppanyaki actually launched two new additional ramen into their already delectable menu – one of which is the Shoyu Ramen (Php 299) which is just downright delicious especially their noodles have that enjoyable texture to it, alongside some tasty, crunchy veggies, and tender meat.



Another new variant of their ramen is the Spicy Seafood Ramen (Php 370) which is actually an easy favorite, no doubt! Filled with noodles that are far from soggy, broth that is just lip-smacking good, and a generous amount of seafood, this hearty bowl of fun noodles will fill you up in no time and that is just their ramen still.


After having a fill of four of Taisho Ramen Teppanyaki’s ramen variants, grab a Maki Sushi of theirs; specifically the Rocky Roll (Php 205) for that flavor-filled, texture-filled wonderful dish that has a bite of spice which is totally enjoyable in every mouthful.


Coming up is one of their Donburi and is another favorite that is presented amazingly, the Tendon (Php 305) is truly a delightful dish not only because how it looks, but actually how it tastes. Each element is packed with a pinch of sweetness, a hint of savor, and packed with crunch in every bite.


Next to that is a serving of their delectable Gyouza (4 pieces Pork Php 135 | 4 pieces Beef Php 155) which comes in a plate of four with shredded vegetables and tender, tasty meat. We loved the crisp side of each piece as it adds a charming texture for the palate to delight in.


In regards to dessert, the Kakigoori Macha (Php 130) is an appetizing sweet treat that is of shaved ice. The milkiness and creaminess of it in every spoonful is just an absolute pleasure you have got to experience!

Taisho Ramen Teppanyaki really is a great ramen place that anyone and everyone should not miss out on as this restaurant is great for some fun time with the family, laughter filled moments with friends, and even a romantic date with someone dear.

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