Have a feast of reinvented Filipino dishes by Lagoa at Pico Sands Hotel

Our relaxing stay with Pico Sands Hotel started with a drool-worthy spread of delicious reinvented Filipino dishes from their all-day dining restaurant, Lagoa. We didn’t exactly dine inside the restaurant, though, because Pico Sands Hotel prepared our lunch at the grassy area near the beach which honestly, we loved even more, because we were all cooped up inside the car for the whole drive so being surrounded by trees while having a meal was definitely a plus for us!

Chicken Sisig
Chicken Sisig

We were first served with Lemonade and water for refreshments. Then the first dish was served soon after, and it was their Chicken Sisig. It’s not the typical sisig on a sizzling plate, though, because this one is served in lovely wonton cups, each topped with egg yolk. Such an ingenious way to serve sisig, if you ask us!

Crispy Kare-Kare

Next we had their Crispy Kare-Kare which for us was the star of our table! This was a generous bowl of rich and tasty peanut sauce cradling crispy pork slices and fresh vegetables! Every spoonful was just so delicious, with or without bagoong!


Since we really enjoyed those vegetables in the Kare-Kare, we were so excited to have been served with their Pinakbet, because if you must know, this dish is a medley of wonderfully cooked vegetables with shrimp and crispy pork, all made even yummier by its bagoong-based sauce. 

Beef Adobo

Following that was their Beef Adobo which took us aback a bit since we usually only have Pork or Chicken Adobo at home. We mean, we knew we could also use beef when making Adobo, but we guess we just don’t usually reach for beef when we think of having adobo so Lagoa’s Beef Adobo was both familiar and somehow new to us. This, by the way, has that classic garlicky adobo taste that we truly adore, and it was even made tastier by the tender and delectable beef slices.  

Pinaputok na Bangus

Another dish that got us hooked was their Pinaputok na Bangus. This is a serving of grilled bangus stuffed with tomatoes alongside other minced vegetables. Every mouthful of this was surely flavorful, especially with the spiced dipping sauce that came with it. 

Pancit Habhab

Aside from having all these wonderful dishes with rice, Lagoa also gave us another carb option and that was their Pancit Habhab. This is tasty noodles generously topped with crispy pork, shrimps, vegetables, and egg. 


Of course, we ended our Lagoa experience with their famous Masi which is like palitaw with a buchi twist as these are sticky balls drizzled with caramel sauce and topped with nuts. 

Chicken Sisig

Indeed, Chef Leo and Chef Raffy of Pico Sands Hotel made our Lagoa lunch memorable. Each and every dish they served us was spectacular! 

Lagoa definitely has amazing food waiting for you! You can know all about it by checking out Pico Sands Hotel’s Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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