Have a Fried Chicken Party with House of Lasagna!

We know we have a lot of comfort food and we do talk about them a lot too but that is because we want you guys to try them as well! That way we could all enjoy them and not miss out on the good things that we could treat ourselves with – just like Fried Chicken.

Fried Chicken has always been one of our comfort ever since we were kids! And honestly, what is not to love about them, right? Crispy skin, tender meat, and absolutely flavorful bite that would have you delighted in no time? Of course we will always be down for that!

As that is the case, growing up, the fried chicken that we are most familiar with is none other than our mom’s fried chicken. Other than that, we also got to enjoy a bunch of other fried chicken choices from different restaurants. For today though, what we got to truly dig into is Fried Chicken from House of Lasagna!

Their Chicken Wings come in 6 flavorful variants and you surely would go crazy for each. They have Garlic Parmesan, Salted Egg, Sweet Chili, Original, Classic Buffalo, and Lemon Pepper. These wings are not only available in a variance of flavors, but they also come in a group of 6, 12, and 18 – which is great depending on your appetite or how many are you that are going to munch on them!

If you are not much of a Wing fan, then fret not, because you could also snatch House of Lasagna’s Fried Chicken in a filling Thigh and Leg part! This one is also available in Buffalo, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Salted Egg, and Sweet Chili.

Thigh and Leg option still not good for you? Well, hold your horses, because with their Chicken Tenders option you need not to worry about the bones! Just like their Wings and their Thigh and Leg choices, House of Lasagna’s Chicken Tenders is available in Lemon Pepper, Sweet Chili, Garlic Parmesan, Salted Egg, Buffalo, plus Original!

You could also opt for their Original Tenders to come with coleslaw, potato wedges, and rice which they call Original Tender Meal.

So many delicious Fried Chicken options await you here at House of Lasagna! So what else are you waiting for? Choose what makes your mouth water the most and go for it! Visit House of Lasagna Facebook, Instagram, and Website for more details.

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