Have A Slice Day Courtesy Of Pergola Pizzeria by House of Lasagna

You are right, here we are for the nth time with House of Lasagna’s yummies in our mouths. We just cannot help ourselves, okay? Their food are undeniably delicious and filling which are like two of what we are looking for when it comes to food. Besides that, House of Lasagna knows how to tease us; just look at how they serve the food, they are already a treat to the eyes. As that is the case, yes, we can vouch that their food has the whole package and we are all for it!

Of course, since we are already at House of Lasagna, we made sure to get a taste of all their Lasagna variants. Yes, they got a ton. Their name is House of Lasagna, so what do you expect? Anyway, in total, they have eight scrumptious Lasagna options you could also dig into. If you want something close to the classic lasagna, then go for their Beef Lasagna or Chicken Lasagna. However, if you are more of a cheesy or saucy lasagna which is more playful when it comes to flavor, then Three Cheese Lasagna, Pesto Lasagna, Alfredo Lasagna, Carbonara Lasagna, and Truffle Mushroom Lasagna are your best bet; but wait, if you want something that is leaning into the healthy side, then House of Lasagna’s Vegetable Lasagna is the perfect choice!

Truly, House of Lasagna is not joking when it comes to Lasagna. In fact, they always bring more than their A-game when it comes to their hallmark dish, so you will always love your time with them when you go for any of their lasagna options. However, lasagna is not actually the only great goodie you can have from them.

Recently, House of Lasagna launched Pergola Pizzeria by House of Lasagna; and they came up with luscious pizza choices that we think you really should not miss out on. Each pizza flavor has been well-thought of and House of Lasagna positively listens to what the people want that’s why they have come up with fifteen awesome and drool-worthy pizza flavors.

Their Pergola Special Pizza, Classic Margherita Pizza, Two Mushroom Pesto, Truffle Mushroom Prosciutto, and Four Cheese are flavors that would wow you in an instant; while their Chorizo Jalapeño, Pepperoni, All Meat, Garlic Italian Sausage, Barbecue Pulled Pork, and Barbecue Chicken are the ones perfect for any meat lovers out there! Of course, they also have something both for seafood and vegetable fans such as Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese, Shrimp Scallop Roasted Garlic also known as SSRG, Spinach Artichoke, and Veggie Supreme.

Indeed, House of Lasagna takes every food they have on their menu seriously because disappointing their diners is far from their goal. That said, if you want more of their scrumptious offerings, then you better grab some Chicken Fingers as well as Blueberry Burnt Cheesecake for your table.

Believe us, with House of Lasagna, you will always end up with something exquisite that sure is an indulgence and enjoyment for yourself and your loved ones. To check out more of House of Lasagna, make sure to visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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