Have a taste and feel of homey Filipino dining with Juana’s Budbod & Coffee!

Back in high school when my problems include how to pass Trigonometry, dealing with what I thought was the biggest heartbreak of my life, while keeping my place at the pilot section, there is this budbod place that I usually go to right after dismissal with friends and just after having one spoonful in me, everything seems alright again.


That’s the memory that flashed right into my mind when I tried dining at Juana’s Budbod & Coffee. Highlighting Budbod, which actually is a fave and a comfort food mine, I am more than excited to crash in this cozy, comfy place on a warm afternoon that offers affordable food and some refreshing drinks.


As the sun was bright and beaming the day we dined at Juana’s Budbod & Coffee, we first ordered ourselves some drinks – Iced Taro and Iced Dark Choco – as we are also still waiting for our ordered plates of goodness and home.

First sip on our Iced Taro (Php 39 | Level Up Php 29), we already fell in love with its taste that is of subtle sweetness which will make you sip some more while feeling all refreshed and cool.

If that Iced Taro isn’t enough sweetness for you, then have yourself some Iced Dark Choco (Php 35 | Level Up Php 25). Surely, this drink is for you if you are a chocoholic like me.


While we were in the middle of sipping and enjoying our drinks over fun chit-chats, our first order of budbod finally came. Budbod Combusog Tinapa (Php 129) is a filling dish that would remind you of simple early mornings and breakfast with your family.


Following that is Budbod Combusog Longganisa (Php 129) that is great for meat lovers, specifically longganisa fanatics out there! This dish is both satisfying and tasty and we dig how tender the longganisa meat is.


After having two variants of budbod by Juana’s Budbod & Coffee, you would think we had enough already, but that is where you are wrong. For our last budbod variant, we got to have the Budbod Combusog Tocino (Php 129). Two of my favorites in one dish? Don’t mind if I do! Sweet and savory is the perfect combination of flavors that has always had me hooked and this Budobod Combusog Tocino is something that didn’t fail me on that part.

As we already had some budbod and refreshing drinks, we just like to mention how each order of budbod actually comes with Dalandan Juice because it is already included in the meal and we couldn’t help but appreciate the zest and the tang that this juice has! It certainly helped in our pursuit of some cooling in the middle of a hot day here in our beautiful country.


With that, if you are around the area and you are looking for a taste of home, drop a visit at Juana’s Budbod & Coffee and don’t hesitate to go for their bestsellers that are hands down affordable because you won’t regret it!

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Facebook: Juana’s Budbod
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Address: 1531 Concepcion Aguila St, San Miguel, Manila, 1008 Metro Manila
Contact Number: 0939 855 8917
Store Hours: Mondays to Sundays, 9AM to 1030PM

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