Have a Taste of Summer: Naked Patisserie has Summer-Themed Cakes ready to be eaten!

Looks like summer is longer this time of the year. We surely are getting more bright and sunny days compared to cozy and rainy ones, right? We just hope we could hit the beach just like we used to, but of course, staying safe is still our top priority!

However, staying at home doesn’t technically mean summer is canceled even though we feel like it is, because Naked Patiserrie made sure we still get to enjoy this lovely season as much as possible—all thanks to not only their delightful, but definitely, pretty cake selection. Recently, they have released a summer-themed cake line and our eyes have truly feasted on their beauty.

Their Aphrodite (Php 5500) is an 8″ × 2″ lovely minimalist cake. Decorated with fresh wax flowers and rosemary, this cake is the perfect go-to summer cake for any kind of celebration!

Following that is their Rising Sun (10500) which is another 8″ × 2″ gorgeous cake that is all about the colors of summer! No doubt, this one is just too pretty to eat, but this cake is definitely wonderful for that outdoor summer-themed celebration—like a picnic party of some sort!

Last, but definitely not the least is their La Primavera (Php 10600) which is an 8″ × 4″ as-pretty-as-a-picture cake. Yes, that’s how aesthetically pleasing this cake is! A sleek white cake adorned with fresh pressed flowers in summer hues, great as an eye-catching centerpiece on that get-together table.

Naked Patisserie really had us impressed with the looks of these cakes, we are telling you! Know more about this eye-catching summer-themed cake selection and more from their Website, Facebook, and of course, Instagram!

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