Have an ultimate feast with Ultimate Liempo Haus

There’s no need to deny yourself of the pleasures life has to offer so don’t think twice and just have an epic feast when you find yourself wrapped in all the goodness Ultimate Liempo Haus has for you! With a menu overflowing with easy favorites that an average Jose and Maria crave for, Ultimate Liempo Haus is definitely the place you should be in when you are up for a day or even a night of fun and satisfaction.

Nachos Mo ‘To
Dinamita Chili with Cheese
Salted Egg Fries

If you are ready to let your hair down, then we suggest reaching for a few of their easy eats that will no doubt tease your taste buds. Ultimate Liempo Haus has a number of Street Food and Barchows that you can start with, such as their Nachos Mo ‘To (Php 265), Dinamita Chili with Cheese (Php 185), and Salted Egg Fries (Php 165). These two will have you munching non-stop, that’s for sure!

Wendell’s Wings
Buffalo Wings

Other than those, you should also not miss out on their dishes that you can find under their Haus Espesyal selection, especially when you are all for Chicken Wings! Their Wendell’s Wings (10 Pieces Php 315 | 20 Pieces Php 625 | 30 Pieces Php 915) as well as their Buffalo Wings (10 Pieces Php 325 | 20 Pieces Php 625 | 30 Pieces Php 925) are two drool-worthy flavors you should surely try. We are telling you, you are going to gobble these down in no time!

Crispy Pata
Sizzling Bangus
Sinigang na Ribs
Sinigang na Liempo with Tinapa Rice

Meanwhile, if you are looking for heavier choices, then don’t fret, because Ultimate Liempo Haus also has that for you! Their Crispy Pata (Php 675) and their Sizzling Bangus (Php 265) are two tasty dishes that will make your night more delicious and filling. However, if you want dishes that will make you feel more cozy and comfy, then better have their Sinigang na Ribs and Sinigang na Liempo with Tinapa Rice too.

Mixed Drink
Ultimate Liempo Haus

All these undeniably go well with rice and of course, delectable drinks! Ultimate Liempo Haus has alcoholic beverages like Premium and Local Beers, Classic Cocktails, and even Mixed Drinks up for grabs so you will absolutely find something for you to enjoy here. For more information, you can visit Ultimate Liempo Haus’ Facebook, Instagram, and Website

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