Have you Caught a Taste of Lobster Mobster Manila?

Remember to give yourself some credit, because you deserve it. You have been doing everything in your power to stay afloat and paddle your way through all the messes and heavy waves that have been coming your way. Surely, you deserve a break from time to time. Remember that resting is productive too.

With that, we hope you are able to give yourself what you want and need every chance you get. Need to replenish your pantry? Go do your grocery shopping. Want new shoes? Get them. Craving for a sumptuous meal that would follow you to your dreams? Lobster Mobster Manila is here to make that true!

Lobster Mobster Manila describe themselves as the godfather of Lobster and Premium Specialty Trays. Their menu is of a luscious selection of premium rice and pasta trays, premium beef trays, and of course, premium seafood trays. Indeed, they will be able to cater your lavish savory cravings.


As they are literally called Lobster Mobster Manila, we suggest for you to not miss out on their famous Lobster Trays which are better known as their Signature Lobsta Trays! Many have been impressed by these, including us, so if you are on the hunt for more than just a good time, Lobster Mobster Manila is a great choice to make!


Their Signature Lobsta Trays are priced at Php 2800 and are of fresh Rock lobsters blanched and bathe in your chosen flavor — Garlic Butter, Lemon Butter, Cajun, or Baked Garlic & Cheese which you can avail by adding Php 500. Each hearty tray is approximately a kilo, and is good for two to three people.


These Lobster Trays are available in three variants: the Mama Lobsters which is of 8 to 10 pieces of half shelled lobsters, Daddy Lobsters which is of 6 pieces of half shelled lobsters, and Monsta Lobsters which is of 4 pieces of half shelled lobsters. Truly, a scrumptious tray is what you are going to get no matter what your choice is!

If you want something else to go with your lobster, you check out their other Signature Lobsta Trays that come with either pasta, noodles, or rice. Lobster Mobster Manila undeniably has a lot of options for you so make sure to check them out.

Ready your palate and tummy for an indulgence like no other. Visit Lobster Mobster Manila’s Facebook and Instagram Pages to know more of their dishes that you can drool over.

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