Have You Gotten A Taste Of These Yummies By Angel’s Pizza?

Angel’s Pizza has been one of our go-to pizza stores when we want a delicious-tasting pizza that won’t hurt our pockets! Their pizzas are just perfect for our stay-in pizza nights that turn into a pizza party because we always end up ordering more boxes than we thought we would. Truly, Angel’s Pizza know what they are doing – and that’s making people fall head over heels in love with them, one pizza slice at a time.

Big Kahuna Hawaiian Pizza
Triple Threat Pizza

As we are clearly fans of Angel’s Pizza, we got first dibs on their new pizza flavors before its launch alongside a few favorites and some new additions to their menu already! For their newest flavors, we got to indulge with their Big Kahuna Hawaiian Pizza which is the perfect pizza for when you are all about that pineapples-on-pizza love, as well as their Triple Threat Pizza which is a pizza flavor on top of another pizza flavor on top of another flavor! Their Triple Threat Pizza is of Hawaiian, All Meat, and Pepperoni all in one scrumptious pizza! What more could you ask for, right?

Triple Threat Pizza
Triple Threat Pizza
Creamy Spinach Pizza

Aside from those two new variants, we also got to snatch their Toppings so Bongga Pizza, which was formerly known as Overload, as well as their Creamy Spinach Pizza which is their flagship pizza! Seriously, if you have yet to try Angel’s Pizza, having a go at these two well-loved flavors first will not disappoint you.

Other than pizzas, though, we also have found ourselves enjoying Angel’s Pizzas newest additions – and those are none other than their Combo Meals! Their Combo Meals are starred by their Fried Chicken paired with something else like pasta, rice, and even fries.

Golden Curls

Currently, Angel’s Pizza has three filling options under their Combo Meals. They have the Chicken and Pasta and Golden Curls Combo, the Chicken and Rice and Golden Curls Combo, and the Chicken Nuggets and Golden Curls Combo. If you want to grab more of their Golden Curls, do know that you can because Angel’s Pizza has them in an ala carte option.

Know more of Angel’s Pizza and their food by checking them out on their Social Media Pages which are their Facebook and Instagram. You can also visit their Website for more information.

Angel’s Pizza is really out here surprising everyone with their wide selection of pizzas and so much more, and they sure have more surprises for us to watch out for just like how Figaro Group, a dynamic food group that Angel’s Pizza is a part of together with Figaro Coffee and Tien Ma’s Taiwanese Cuisine, have surprises up their sleeves too. The Figaro Group currently has a new concept called Figaro Express that will soon be open in different areas! Figaro Express will be located on gas stations and is an on-the-go concept. In line with that, Figaro Group also has an online app where you can choose and order from all four Figaro Group concepts – Figaro Coffee, Angel’s Pizza, Tien Ma’s Taiwanese Cuisine, and Figaro Express.

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