Have you tried BonChon’s Ultimate Bibimbowl?

Originated in South Korea in 2002, BonChon actually means “Original Village” and they surely have been a go-to restaurant by a lot of people, as their amazingly crispy, juicy, and flavorful chicken is being raved about all over the globe until now. 

Ultimate Bibimbowls

As they are now a global brand, BonChon is no longer just well-loved for their chicken, because their other Korean inspired dishes are also bringing their diners a gratifying eating experience! No wonder a lot of people go back for more than just seconds.

Ultimate Bibimbowls

That being said, BonChon’s Loaded Bibimbowl which is everyone’s favorite is now called the Ultimate Bibimbowl. Now you will be able to dig into everything you love with just one K-Bowl because the new and improved Ultimate Bibimbowl is not only popping with delicious savory flavors, but also, it is served with more meat, suateed glass noodles, mushrooms, corn, fresh lettuce, and fried egg. Truly, BonChon’s Ultimate Bibimbowl is more than just hearty!

Ultimate Spicy Chicken Bibimbowl

This Ultimate Bibimbowl by BonChon can also be enjoyed in different variants so whatever you are craving for today, you bet BonChon has it covered! With that, their Ultimate Bibimbowl is up for grabs in Ultimate Chicken, Ultimate Beef, and Ultimate Seafood.

Ultimate Spicy Seafood Bibimbowl

If you are feeling a little extra, though, and you want a bit of a kick, then we suggest going for their Ultimate Spicy Chicken, Ultimate Spicy Beef, or Ultimate Spicy Seafood. You certainly have a lot of choices to go for with BonChon’s Ultimate Bibimbowl!

Ultimate Spicy Beef Bibimbowl

There really is so much to love at BonChon and their Ultimate Bibimbowl is just one of those. Their Chicken Chops and their Cheese Flavored Fries are so munch-worthy, while their Chocolate Crepe and their Strawberry Crepe are such sweet enders. You can even down all these with their BonChon Signature Brew which is honestly just so refreshing!

Know more about BonChon and what else you can enjoy when you dine with them! Visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Website for more details.

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