Have you tried Potato Corner’s two new Korean inspired flavors?

Potato Corner is at it again! They are really getting us even more hooked than we already are! We know that Potato Corner has been the go-to flavored fries by many for years already, and that’s because they are just perfect for munch-a-thons—may it be some chika time with the barkada or a movie marathon at home. Certainly, Potato Corner is the perfect snack for everything! 

Their flavors started with some classic choices like Cheese, Sour Cream, BBQ, and Chili BBQ. Personally, we love going for their Sour Cream and Chili BBQ together! Those two flavors will always be our favorite, that’s for sure, but of course, we have also enjoyed their other flavors, especially their recent additions like White Cheddar and Truffle. Occasionally, Potato Corner also introduces some limited edition flavors. Have you guys tried their Honey Butter and Queso de Bola over the Holidays? They were both delightful! 

Photo by Potato Corner

Obviously, Potato Corner knows what the people are craving for so make sure to get your hands on their newest flavors, their Tteokbokki and Golden Sweet Corn fries! These two new Potato Corner flavors will absolutely give you a taste of Korea. 

Their Tteokbokki flavor will no doubt give you that delectable punch you enjoy having as this is inspired from Korea’s famous chewy rice cakes. Meanwhile, their Sweet Golden Corn flavor will give you that fun and yummy mix of sweet and salty notes. Both are definitely a must-try, if you ask us!


Photo by Potato Corner

These two new Korean inspired Potato Corner flavors will absolutely make your K-drama binge-watching sessions and K-pop jamming sessions more enjoyable and flavorful, but of course, regardless of what you are doing, Potato Corber will always be a hit! They are, after all, a well-loved favorite of many. 

Know more about Potato Corner and their awesome flavors by visiting their Facebook, Instagram, and Website. Don’t forget to visit the nearest Potato Corner branch in your area so you could get your hands on these delicious goodies!

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