Having or getting layers will definitely not be a problem with Cold Layers Cafe

It all started with sisters having a fun Taiwan trip and ending up not only having an amazing escapade, but also bringing home one of the things they have experienced in Taiwan. Cold Layers Cafe offers not only their signature, mouthwatering Taiwanese dessert which is the snow ice, but also fusion food and beverages such as coffee and tea, milk tea and bubble tea, and smoothies.

Have a taste or even a bowl of a scrumptious cold dessert without worrying about that gnawing guilt inside your chest with Cold Layers Cafe’s Snow Ice. Snow Ice is a famous Taiwanese dessert that is perfect for combating the heat and satisfying that sweet tooth. Hold up, though, this one might be like a bingsu x ice cream kind of thing but it’s not, as Snow Ice is its own kind of thing – which is Snow Ice. It’s healthier and lighter than ice cream, but thicker and richer than bingsu; and with an array of flavors to choose from, one would have a hard time naming favorites.

But before indulging in a bowl – okay, fine, bowls – of snow ice, let’s first try out some of their starters, meals, and beverages.

First off, Fish n’ Chips (Php 235); because why only have fish or why only have chips when you can have both? Cold Layers Cafe’s Fish n’ Chips are a generous serving of golden fried breaded fish fillet and huge cut french fries that are both crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, served with homemade tartar sauce that one wouldn’t get tired of dipping in.

Another starter we had was the Koori Chicken Chops (Php 120) which is a Taiwan inspired chicken pops that isn’t even on their menu yet as Cold Layers Cafe had just launched this one into the market. It’s yummy flavor would make you think of ordering for more because one serving wouldn’t be enough. You can get this Koori Chicken Chops with Cold Layers Cafe’s Classic Milk Tea for Php 185 – such a steal if you ask us!

Now, we don’t want to get full just because of starters, so let’s move on to some of Cold Layers Cafe’s hot meals – Chicken Teriyaki and Slow Cooked Beef Ribs.

Cold Layers Cafe’s Chicken Teriyaki (Php 265) is pan-grilled chicken thigh fillet dish that is tasty even up to its inside and is easy to chew, slathered with their teriyaki sauce that enhances the flavor of the chicken even more.

Next for their hot meal is the Slow Cooked Beef Ribs (Php 320). The beef ribs were surely tender and almost as if melts in our mouth as the beef ribs were cooked for six hours, with veggies that were cooked just right, and sauce that ups the taste so much more.

As we have been eating these delicious dishes by Cold Layers Cafe, we also had some drinks that went perfect with the meals.

Chocolate Milk Tea with Salted Cream Cheese (Php 130 for 16oz and Php 140 for 22oz) was the first one we got to try. This one is such a delicious, decadent treat topped with the creamy goodness of salted cream cheese.

If you want something malty, then go for Cold Layers Cafe’s Horlicks Milk Tea (Php 120 for 16oz and Php 130 for 22oz). Horlicks is actually a nutritional malt milk drink that is packed with vitamins and minerals, so you don’t just get to enjoy a delightful drink with this one, but a healthy one, too! If you opt to add egg pudding to any Milk Tea and Snow Ice of your choice, you can have it by adding Php 20.

As Cold Layers Cafe has something for salted cream cheese lovers and malty drink lovers, of course they also have something for Yakult lovers – Special Yakult Tea (Php 120 for 16oz and Php 130 for 22oz). This drink is a combination of strawberry and passion fruit that will definitely quench you craving for a zesty drink.

To end this, our experience at Cold Layers Cafe was — just kidding! Of course, we can’t really say we went to Cold Layers Cafe without trying out their Snow Ice.

Cold Layers Cafe’s Snow Ice is oh so good because it has no artificial flavors as it uses natural ingredients, and is made in small batches and not stored for more than three months, so they surely serve fresh ones. It also has the most intense flavors because unlike gelato and ice cream, this one has 0% butterfat. Butterfat is like the film you get on your tongue after eating which reduces how you experience the taste of something. And as mentioned, Snow Ice is a healthier alternative for ice cream and gelato because it uses 1/3 sugar compared to those two.

On top of our Snow Ice list is the one called Secret Affair (Php 210). We’re not quite sure if this really should be kept secret so as to keep it to ourselves and enjoy it all to ourselves or share it to everyone because this one is a dark chocolate snow ice topped with homemade brownie brittle, coco crunch, nuts, wafer stick, and drizzled with chocolate syrup – the perfect treat for chocolate lovers!

Next is the Summer Fling (Php 195). This one would absolutely be a fling because this won’t last long as you won’t be able to help yourself from scooping more and more – mango snow ice with freshly sliced mangoes, drizzled with mango puree and topped with aloe vera jelly.

Lastly, this snow ice is topped with coconut shavings and shredded cheese, drizzled with condensada, for the legit level up puto bumbong experience!

And so, there you have it! Cold Layers Cafe doesn’t only pride itself for using natural, fresh ingredients, but also, although, this is a dessert from Taiwan, Cold Layers Cafe uses local products to of course support their fellow local businesses.

Cold Layers Cafe can hold up to fifty people which is perfect for parties, functions, and events. Also, if you want Cold Layers Cafe’s Snow Ice to be in your next party, they can cater that with their Snow Ice cart. You can contact them to ask for their party packages through their landline: 02 361 1431 / 02 772 5331 or through their mobile number: 0916 620 8918.

Grab a healthy bowl of a sweet cold fix at Cold Layers Cafe; visit them at 3rd Floor Fishermall, Quezon Ave, Lungsod Quezon, 1104 Kalakhang Maynila.

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