One Tray is just not enough when you go for Hearth Kitchen

We may have to call you slow poke if you haven’t tried Sushi Bake by now. Just kidding, we understand we all have different food preferences and not all of us like the same thing, but hey, if you are thinking of trying it out for the first, we got five different Sushi Bakes for you and it is all from Hearth Kitchen.

Hearth Kitchen is all about giving you the best they could offer when it comes to pampering your taste buds and filling your tummy with not only yummy food, but also of course, satisfying options you would surely enjoy no matter what you choose. As that is the case, Hearth Kitchen’s Sushi Bakes do not only come in different variants, but also in an array of sizes that would be able to cater your appetite! 

Start off with maybe a texture-filled ride with their California Crunch Sushi Bake (Medium Php 650 | Large Php 1000). This one indeed is of the classic sushi bakes with a crunchy twist, giving your palate a playful turn of events in every piece. Another crunchy option you could for is their Crunchy Tuna Dynamite (Medium Php 750 | Large Php 1200) which is great for when you are one to go for something that has a delightful kick to it.

Speaking of going for something spicy, their Spicy Salmon Aburi (Medium Php 750 | Large Php 1200) is the choice to make if you love to turn your typical merienda into something a little more exquisite and fun. Every dig into this one sure is a mix of lush and scrumptious.

For a totally different way, Hearth Kitchen also has some cheesy variants for all lovers of cheese out there! Their Philly Cheese Truffle (Medium Php 750 | Large Php 1200) as well as their Cheesy Ebi & Scallops (Medium Php 750 | Large Php 1200) are a delicious path for you to take and enjoy with your friends and family.

With that, do take note that Hearth Kitchen’s medium-sized Sushi Bakes are of 8 x 8 inches of goodness that comes with 2 packs of nori, which is good for 4 to 5 people; while the large-sized ones are of 12 x 10 inches that comes with 3 packs of nori, and is good for 6 to 8 folks. Also, per tray, you can go for one to three flavors, so do drop by on Hearth Kitchen’s Facebook and Instagram Pages for more details about them and their offerings.

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