Hearty Filipino Dishes for your Filipino Heart by Damiana’s Kitchen!

There are a lot of choices when it comes to Filipino food and there are a lot of Filipino restaurants in different places around the metro, and by that, Makati is one of those places. Makati is popping when it comes to food scene as they have a ton of varieties to choose from, but of course, Filipino restaurants are a staple just like Damiana’s Kitchen. Damiana’s Kitchen is a restaurant serving homey Filipino dishes as most of their recipes are even family recipes, giving their diners a sense of home in every mouthful.

From pulutan to desserts, Damiana’s Kitchen got their diners covered. Start with some of their appetizers like Tofu Steak (Php 220);  Sinigang Pork Chicharon (Php 150); Streetfood Sampler (Php 275); Vegetable Okoy (Php 145); Bulalo Fries (Php 390); and Pork Adobo Fries (Php 210) so as to ease the palate into a flavourful adventure.

Following those, dive right into their mains such as Balbacua (Php 245); Sizzling Pochero (Php 35); Laing with Crispy Dilis (Php 140); Fried Tilapia (Php 220); Shantung Garlic Chicken (Php 345); and Twice Cooked Adobo (Php 295) for a satisfying meal, best paired with steamed rice.

And if their diners come in groups, Damiana’s Kitchen has some heavy yummies that could no doubt cater their hungry tummies like their Pinoy Spaghetti (Php 200) or their bilao options that are available upon request, such as Pancit Canton-Bihon and Inihaw Platter.

Damiana’s Kitchen also welcomes drinkers as they have a variance of delectable drinks to pair with their other dishes that are great for pulutan like Kilawin (Php 300) and Lechon Sisig (Php 295).

And while their diners’ mouths are busy with pulutan, of course, they should have a glass in hand, too! With that, Damiana’s Kitchen’s cocktails are absolutely a delight, especially as some of it have the yummy power to make people feel a sense of nostalgia in every sip. Their Singalong St. (Php 200); Riego de Dios (Php 200); Ooh Bebe (Php 170); Mansion Mule (Php 200); Calamansi Mojito; and Mango Margarita are just a few of their bestselling drinks their diners could not just get enough of.

Lastly, as Damiana’s Kitchen really has everything covered for their diners, of course, they have quite a few options for sweet endings, too! Their Mango Sago Bingsu (Php 150) which is of mango, black pearl, milk, and buko shaved ice is a lovely and refreshing dessert to cap off this food adventure.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/damianasfilipino/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/damianaskitchen/

Address: 110 C. Palanca Jr. St. Legaspi Village, Makati

Contact Number: (02) 818 1551

Hours of Operation: Monday to Frieday 11AM to 2AM; Sunday 5PM to 2AM

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