Heaven in one bite!

I have always been gastronomically delighted with those round, oval, or heart-shaped Tarts.  Whenever I want one, I find myself scouting for “Pasalubong” stores within the metro just to satisfy my cravings.  When I am on an out of town trip, it will always be a part of my routine, to check if such town offers their own version of these.  My pasalubong list will never be complete without it.

But why do I like Tarts so much?  Ever since I was a kid, I have always enjoy the pizza crust or apple pie crust.  Whenever there’s one of these around, I would always go for a bite of the crust first.  If my bite of the crust went well then the whole pizza or apple pie experience will be perfect for me.  But if at first bite, and I find the crust, not crunchy nor tasty, then the entire meal is ruined for me.

So how did I get to know these yummy Tarts? It was long time ago when one of my childhood friend gave me this as a pasalubong from his vacation trip in the province.  I will never forget how curious I was when I first saw it. I was hesitant at first but then I got intrigued when my friend assured me that I will like it.  With that in mind, I took a bite and yes, I did like it and from that moment until now, my fondness with this goodies will never change.

It’s a great dessert and it can also be a very yummy “merienda”.  For me it’s the best way to satisfy your sweet tooth without having to worry about the additional calories.

But through all my years of buying and eating these Tarts, I have never tried anything like the Kumori’s Signature Cheese Tart.  And with this, allow me to share my very first experience with this amazing treat.


Last Monday, we receive a box of this sweet creations from Kumori PH and boy, they did not fail my expectations.

From the letter attached, to it’s neatly wrapped package and most certainly, the heavenly-baked  goodies inside, I knew from my first glance that it’s a dessert worth craving for.  

When you take a piece out of the box, the first you thing that you will notice is that you can still smell how freshly baked the Tart is.  And that’s when you will realize that, just the smell of it will make you wanting for more.

When you get to taste it, you will not be able to ignore how sweet, tasty and crunchy it is but without the sugar overload.  It’s soft filling paired with a crispy crust is simply heaven in one bite. 

I must say, it is indeed baked to perfection.  My monstrous appetite for dessert cannot be simply satisfied with just one piece, I had to eat another one.  A treat like this is simply the reason why I will forever be a “sucker” for dessert.  My day will never be complete without having one.

Thank you Kumori PH for indulging me and spoiling me with your mouth-watering Signature Cheese Tarts.  I am now officially hooked and craving for more.  I will most definitely drop by at your store this weekend to get some more.   Who knows, might even share it to my colleagues and friends if I’m feeling generous.  

For those who wants to try out these heavenly goodies, check them out at their branches below.

Kumori PH

G/F SM North EDSA (The Block)

LG/F SM Makati

LG/F Landmark Makati





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