Here are 4 ways to enjoy overripe fruits more

Fruits are great as it is, but with a ton of fruits in our pantry, there is just no way to avoid having overripe ones. Although, that is not at all a problem, we are telling you! If you are feeling more creative today or whenever and you have some overripe fruits you could just grab, other than trying to eat them all before they go bad, here are four simple ways to enjoy them even more:

1. Make Jam

Are you familiar with the episode of Friends wherein Monica was so bummed that she decided to make jams in batches. Well, if you are also feeling a little under the weather lately, maybe it’s time for you to make jam as you can use it as a spread for bread or crackers, or you can just delight in it as it!

2. Make Smoothies

Got nothing to do but to sit around and be alone with your thoughts? That’s actually pretty hard, because our thoughts could be all jumbled and it could leave us tired and sad. And so, here’s a little fun activity for you to do and get excited about: make smoothies. As smoothies are pureed fruits you can either drink or enjoy in a bowl, you can always freeze the excess and love it up some other day! Plus, this one is perfect for a hot day as it will definitely be able to not only refresh you, but get you energized, too!

3. Make ice candy or popsicles

Speaking of awesome things to do with fruits on a hot summer day, here’s a more fun way to munch up your faves. It is said that freezing fruits is really the best way to to make sure that your too ripe fruits could be used for another time; while that is true, turning them into ice candies or popsicles in another way for you to beat the heat and let the kid in you indulge in once your favourite snack!

4. Go classic – juice them up!

We know. We know. There are a lot of ready-made juices in the grocery already, but we are talking about what to do with overripe fruits and juicing it up is a nice way for a change. Plus, it’s more natural and you are sure that you don’t get any preservatives in every sip.

There you have it. If you love fruits so much, you still could minch on them as they are, but if you want to have it in some other ways, these are great ideas for you to try. It’s also some therapeutic to be doing something in kitchen – like it brings joy to be able to create something out of a thing that you think is just that.  

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