Here Are Three Yummy Smoothie Bowls By Lilo’s Acai That You Should Not Miss Out On

Don’t you just love starting your day on a good note? Seriously, it’s important for us to have at least a good start to our day as it sets the mood for our whole day; and we don’t want our mood to be negative before anything else. We mean, who would want a bitter morning, right? Definitely not us! As that is the case, we see to it that we are fresh, happy, and surely satisfied before we go through our to-do list for the day.

Smoothie Bowls

With that, one of our favorite ways to start our day is ensuring that we are full and fueled with goodness. Speaking of goodness, Lilo’s Acai is all about being fresh, healthy, and sustainable which we are all for too! Undeniably, their fruit bowls and smoothies don’t only offer freshness and goodness that would boost you up in the morning, but it also provides a lovely dash of color that would inspire your creative juices to flow even more.

Berry Bliss Smoothie Bowl

Their Smoothie Bowls are all beautifully and deliciously created. Each bowl is overflowing with healthy and delectable servings of fruits and other yummies such as granola, chia seeds, and even soy milk. Just look at their Berry Bliss Smoothie Bowl (Php 275). This whole bowl contains 230 calories as it is filled with blueberries, strawberry, kiwi, soy milk, granola, and chia seeds. Truly, a wonderful bowl for soy lovers out there!

Pink Cloud Smoothie Bowl

Meanwhile, if you are one for coconut milk, then you will be tickled pink with their Pink Cloud Smoothie Bowl (Php 250) that contains 375 calories so you know you will no doubt be full after finishing it. Loaded with strawberry, banana, pink pitaya powder, coconut milk, granola, and coconut flakes, it is no surprise why this adorable but heavy bowl of nourishment is a crowd favorite.

Nutella Lovers Smoothie Bowl

Since we are already talking about favorites, let us share with you our favorite. Their Nutella Lovers Smoothie Bowl (Php 250) is perfect for chocolate lovers like us! Bouncing with 375 calories, this indulgent smoothie bowl by Lilo’s Acai consists of banana, strawberry, Nutella, cacao powder, soy milk, granola, and hazelnut balls. Indeed, something you should not miss out on!

Smoothie Bowls

As we have mentioned, Lilo’s Acai also has Smoothies aside from their Smoothie Bowls, and those would be great if you are more of an on-the-go person or you just want to happily sip on something in the morning. Besides those two selections, they also have Chia Puddings available for pre-order. You can also customize your orders by adding more fresh fruits, premium fruits, and even extra granola. Positively, however you want your order, Lila’s Acai can make it for you!

To know more about their awesome offerings, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram. You can also find them on GrabFood and foodpanda if you want to conveniently order. Enjoy!

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