Hidden Spice Manila will have you hiding Cinnamon Rolls all for yourself

If you want something hidden, hide it in plain sight, they say; but that really won’t work when what we are talking about are the Rolls baked fresh daily by Hidden Spice Manila. Believe us, you won’t even get to hide these Rolls from anyone, because its scent would have people drooling even with just a whiff of it.

Hidden Spice Manila is an online bakeshop known for its decadent Cinnamon Rolls. Indeed, you are going to adore these Rolls too, especially because you could get it in more than just one flavor. In fact, Hidden Spice Manila’s Cinnamon Rolls come in six delectable flavors which are categorized into two selections — The Classics and the Butternut Walnut Series.

From The Classics, you will be able to grab three of their luscious flavors and these are the Classic Cinnamon (Php 350) which is everyone’s fave cinnamon roll taken up a notch, the Cinnamon Raisin (Php 350) which is the Classic with the chunky goodness and sweetness of raisins, and the Choco Trio (Php 350) which is the perfect mix of dark and semi-sweet chocolate, drizzled with even more chocolate sauce. Sounds all yum, right? Well, trust us, they are!

Meanwhile, for the Butternut Walnut Series, you will be able to catch three more luscious flavors. The Simply Butterscotch (Php 450 for 6 | 350 for 4) has that easy-to-love gooey goodness from the butterscotch alongside some crunch from lightly toasted walnuts sprinkled with a bit of Himalayan salt, the Coffee Confection (Php 450 for 6 | 350 for 4) is a coffee lover’s dream in cinnamon roll form as this is coffee-infused butterscotch and chopped walnuts, and the Orange Burst (Php 450 for 6 | 350 for 4) is a butterscotch roll topped with orange zest and belnded cream cheese frosting. Such a bunch of goodies, we are telling you.

Hidden Spice Manila’s Cinnamon Rolls are really a bang for the buck, especially each flavor is a delight on its own, so if you just can’t decide on what flavor to go for, try out their Sampler Box (Php 350 for 6 pieces of Classics | Php 450 for 6 pieces of Butternut Walnut Series) which you could choose two flavors to take home. This is a deal you would not want to miss, really.

To know more about Hidden Spice Manila and their offering of Cinnamon Rolls, don’t forget to check them out on Facebook and Instagram. For inquiries, feel free to drop them a message.

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