Hit me up with a “Meat Up”: Timog is now a lot more fun as Tipsy Pig Gastropub is now here, Hon!

Whoever said having a new hangout place in Timog will only happen when pigs finally fly could chomp on some pork chop as you can now “meat up” with the gang at Tipsy Pig Gastropub’s newest expansion! This one has got more space, more seats, and more surprises in store for you so be sure to check them out sooner rather than later!

With a sure promise of easy, casual fun time, Tipsy Pig Gastropub Timog has more than just your all-time fave dishes of theirs, but also a bunch of drinks that will just give you that right amount of punch to kick-off the awesome chill time you are about to embark on.

But before downing on some drinks, first you have to fill up your tummy to make it more than happy. The Yellow Submarine (Php 360)is one of their Sandwiches & Bites that is perfect for certified food divers as this one of a kind burger swims in hot cheese sauce with bacon bits and caramelized onions, alongside with a choice of crispy fries or potato wedges.

Follow that one with another dish that is of a dough, Crispa (Php 490)can be found in their Pizza & Pasta selection that is of a crispy belly pizza, slathered with roasted garlic spread, topped with  crispy pork belly, bacon aioli, and garlic soy.

Now, moving onto their Big Plates & Mains! First up is their Cheesy Garlic Squid (Php 380) which is such an easy favorite, especially this one is of baked squid stuffed with peppery cheese, garlic confit, and roasted tomatoes on a brown butter sauce – just a lovely blend of tasty flavors!

Next is the All-American Roast Beef (Php 550)that is just hands down to die for! With U.S. prime belly roasted and drenched in homemade gravy served with creamy mashed potatoes, surely, this one is a dish worth waiting for and munching on!

Another meaty dish that this time is a classic Filipino fave is the Tipsy Pochero (Php 750) that is great for 2 as this one is a hefty serving of 6-hour braised beef shank, a bunch of crunchy veggies that are all made with no shortcuts, just pure love and tenderness.

The Tipsy Boneless Crispy Pata (Php 890) which most Pinoys, if not all, love is an order of boneless crispy pata, fried garlic chips, Asian soy garlic, and a homemade dipping sauce! This one is yummily glazed and oozing with delectable taste that is sure to be trippin’ everyone in every bite!

Last before heading onto some sip and slurp, the Brisket Pares (Php 690)is something that you should really partake in as this is Tipsy Pig Gastropub’s version of the famous Filipino dish, Pares. This USDA brisket is braised for 8 hours and generously served with their special pares sauce, with 2 eggs and garlic rice.

And now, of course Tipsy Pig Gastropub literally having the word tipsy in its name, it is just right to have some drinks that would boost up your spirits for you to be able to ease into the zone of just absolute relaxation.

The Amaretto Sour (Php 130)and the Red Sangria (Php 160), which you can also get in White, are just a few of their Classic Cocktails that would give you that much needed sweet buzz, perfect for chasing the stress away while keeping your chill vibes for the rest of your stay! 

Undeniably, Tipsy Pig Gastropub has done an amazing work once again with this Timog branch of theirs, especially this one can host greater crowd which just means more fabulous moments not only to delight in, but of course to cherish as well.

Follow Tipsy Pig on their Social Media Pages below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tipsypigph/?ref=br_rs

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tipsypig_ph/

Address: 20, 1103 Timog Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila

Contact Number: (02) 981 1386

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 11AM to 3AM

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