Hold your drinks up and go “Kanpai!” at 102 Izakaya

First opened as Osakatsu, a Japanese buffet restaurant, but now converged into a restaurant and bar; 102 Izakaya is perfect for your after work eats with a more chill vibe to soothe your stressed soul, more alcoholic drinks to calm a burnt mind and body, and more ala carte and Izakaya specialties which are the yakitori – grilled items on a stick, a splendid pair for your drinks!


Their menu is of course a variety of Japanese dishes, which has been crafted exquisitely by Chef Edo San, offering don buri, mains, yakimono, sides, makimono, ramen, udon, starters, sashimi, aburi sushi, kushikatsu, and yakitori. 102 Izakaya also offers lunch specials as they are in a location where busy office people are always looking for an awesome lunch out.



While for beverages, 102 Izakaya offers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks – from cocktails, beers, wine, and whisky, to soda, iced tea, fruit shake, special shakes, water, and tonic/soda water. Saporro, a famous Japanese beer, is up for grabs with a promo of buy 2, take 1 free, everyday, anytime here at 102 Izakaya!


To start our Japanese themed chill night, first to land on our tummies is the Salmon Aburi Sushi (Php 195) – sticky rice topped with torched succulent, flavorful salmon which as if melts in our mouths, with homemade aburi sauce.


Followed by Ebi Aburi Sushi (Php 265) – sticky rice topped with torched fresh, plump shrimp, with toppings that adds a crisp texture in every bite.


Next is Kani Tamago Sushi (Php 165) – sticky rice topped with sweet, soft tamago and tender and tasty crab cake, wrapped in a bit of seaweed. The sweetness of the tamago and the flavor of the crab cake blends well together, creating a savory taste that will make you want for more.


Now, onto the heavier fillings, Katsu Curry (Php 290) is a huge portion of pork tonkatsu sliced for easier eating, topped on a generous amount of rice with vegetable curry sauce that gives just the right kick of spice.


You might be going to 102 Izakaya without any beef with anyone but you’ll definitely be wanting some beef with 102 Izakaya’s Beef Usuyaki (Php 345). It is rolled beef stuffed with bits of shitake and bacon, served with their homemade steak sauce.


But wait, what is a drinking sesh without some finger food, right? Here’s a plate of chicken wings, Chicken Tebasaki (Php 205). It’s all savory, sweet, and has a little bit of spice that will make you order another plate, for sure.

These dishes we had are either new on their menu or their bestsellers so we definitely recommend trying some, if not all of them. 102 Izakaya can accommodate around seventy people and they are open for events such as corporate parties and functions or whatever gathering you want to celebrate with them.

You will have a hard time forgetting where 102 Izakaya is as they have literally named the place in line with their location which is 102 Valero St., Salcedo, Makati, 1227 Metro Manila. Just look for a 102 sign and the word Izakaya in Japanese characters to shout your next “Kanpai!” in!

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