Holy Cheesus! A taste of heaven on Earth at Boulangerie22



Unlike other pastry shops and cafe that made it to everyone’s favorites just because of their “Instagrammable” places or trendy food and promos or even high-end drinks, Boulangerie 22 can actually boasts more on not just the quality but affordability of their products.


I like working off-site whenever my office schedule is not so tight. And every time I need to focus on my tasks and I need to avoid unnecessary talks, I go to the nearest cafe and work there with my headphones and music on. And when it comes to choosing a place, I usually consider four most important work things: Wi-FI connection, electric sockets, great coffee, and yummy pastries and/or pasta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (well, I’m a hard-worker, haha!)


These are the things that made me realize B22 is my work life saver. I honestly thought B22 is just another cafe with overpriced breads and coffee., given the perfect ambience, special product packaging, and even the name. I mean, I just learned “Boulangerie” means “bakery” in French. *Sigh*


Anyway, our team’s most recent B22 experience was great as we got to try a great list of items from their menu which we really think you must try and are also a good choice for after-office pasalubongs!


  • Sourdough Campagne. (99php*) A classic Campagne made with 150-year-old French Sourdough.


  • Honey Butter Loaf (159php*) is sweet and super soft and is made from Natural Organic Honey. With pure milk and butter, this Boulangerie22 creation boasts of its natural sweetness and perfect crunch when toasted.


  • These Japanese Custard Cream Cheese (59php*), Korean Sweet Red Bean Bread (49php*), and Blueberry Cream Cheese (59php*) are also just perfect with black coffee.



  • Holy Cheesus is a 3-cheese bread with milky and creamy and buttery taste that indeed fits its name! One of the perfect breads we’ve ever had! It’s quite small for 149php, but it’s definitely worth it!


  • Peanut Butter Crumble Bread. (39php*) Korean Streusel Bread topped with Peanut Crumble Toppings.


  • Their Parmesan Cheese stick (59php*) satisfyingly crunchy and the texture of Parmesan cheese is just so perfect for snacks and even for breakfast.



  • They also have a pack of crispy Baguette rusk that you can have in either Nutty Coffee or Matcha (29php*). Their current promo is a free bag of baguette for every purchase worth 300php*. Loved the Nutty Coffee so much!


  • We also had Sriracha Pork Floss and Chicken Floss (59php*) and they have more unique floss bread to try!



  • Another must-tries are their pasta, so we tried their Truffle Fettuccini Alfredo (129php*) topped with bacon, mushroom, cream and white truffle.




  • As a coffee lover, the first thing I look for in almost everywhere is coffee. And this bakery did not disappoint me. They offer usual cups such as Americano for only 79php*, Cafe Latte for 89php*, and they also serves cold beverages such as the red velvet frappe which I personally found super creamy and not so swet.


Boulangerie22 is now my go-to place whenever I want to work remotely. It’s good news that stores open from 6am to 10am and all pastries are guaranteed freshly-baked and delivered everyday to the branches. Another great news is they’re usually 50% off every 5pm onwards!

Follow them on their Social Media Pages below.

Facebook: Boulangerie22
Instagram: Boulangerie22

Address: Ground Floor, One Legazpi Park, Rodriguez Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City

Contact Number: 801-6597

Hours of Operation: 6AM to 10 PM

 *All rates and location are as of August 2018.

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