Holy Grounds Coffee is your new round-the-clock fave coffee spot serving up in Subic

When in Subic, you might be able to find the land of milk and honey, and now, even coffee – which isn’t a bad thing, as many coffee lovers and coffee enthusiasts, including you, will really enjoy, especially when you are looking out for some new inspiration to keep you going regardless if life has been rough on you for some days, if not all. Plus, this café has a kitchen and a bar operating 24 hours, 7 days a week which is such a win!

The concept of Holy Grounds Coffee actually only started as a past time, but recently the owners which are a hubby and wifey tandem have participated in religious retreats in which they did not only find refuge in, but also inspiration from – and that is exactly what they want to share, if not offer, to their diners who are growing more each and every day.

Holy Grounds Coffee may have only started last September 2018 but that has not stopped them in providing their customers the best food and drinks they meticulously have done researched on and made recipes for – thanks to the collaborative efforts from each of their talented and skillful staff.

If you have woken up on the wrong side of the bed, you still can turn your frown upside-down and make your day better with Holy Grounds Coffee’s Good Morning dishes which are their all-day breakfast meals, one of which is their Beef Tapa (Php 230) that is a best seller.

For fresh and filling salads, you might want to check out their selection beautifully named as Garden of Eden. Their Quinoa Chicken (Php 250) is a lovely way to start a healthy drive for that fun-filled jive you want more so to enjoy.

And of course, no one should dare forget what Pinoy life is about and that is rice which Holy Grounds has a bunch of meals with, some of which are their Lechon Kawali (Php 275), their Baked Salmon, and their crowd favorite, the Chicken Adobo (Php 275). All these are just delicious wonders that a Good Shepherd like you should delight in.

All this is not the end yet, especially when you get to have a dish from Holy Grounds Coffee’s Endless Grace selection which are pastas al dente made with love like their Rolled-Up Lasagna (Php 230) that is all creamy, cheesy, and saucy.

As Holy Grounds Coffee is made for people, of course they are also encouraging you to share your blessings such as some of their yummy hand-crafted pizza variants, their Pizza Margarita (Php 180) and their Buffalo Chicken Pizza (Php 230) which you can get each on their own or together in one serving.

With Holy Grounds Coffee’s name, you will automatically figure out that they are a café, a beautifully, laid-back one at that, and not having some of their drinks could probably be considered as committing a sin, so first you can fill out your sweet tooth with desserts-in-a-glass kind of drinks such as their Ferrero Rocher Frappe (Faith Php 165 | Hope Php 175| Love Php 185) and their Dark Chocolate (Faith 115 | Hope 130).

For a stronger kick in life or if you need more, then stronger kicks in life, you are absolutely going to love and not stop yourself from sipping some of their lovely drinks which are their Café Mocha (Faith 125 | Hope 140) and their Café Latte (Faith 110 | Hope 125).

Holy Grounds Coffee is such a gorgeous café to be in, with cozy, comfy ambiance that goes perfect with any of their dishes and drinks over chit-chats, work, studying, and whatnot. Truly, each recipe – may it be their food or beverage – has gone through thorough research and development, together with their hospitable staff and crew that treat their diners as families.

With huge dining space that can accommodate 150 to 200 people, Holy Grounds Coffee even has an extra room for private and more intimate gatherings. Their Function Room can be filled by 30 folks and is open for reservation with a rental fee that is consumable with whatever Holy Grounds Coffee food and drinks of your choice.

Watch out for what Holy Grounds Coffee has for you because they try to release new drinks and dishes every month which is such a treat just like their Reese’s Frappe that is just exceptionally delicious!

Follow Holy Grounds Subic on their Social Media Pages below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holygrounds.subic/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/holygrounds.subic/

Address: Sampson Rd, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales

Contact Number: (047) 251 4290

Hours of Operation: 24 hours operational

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