Home of the Dozen Flavors Cheesecake: Cassalu Coffee & Kitchen is not just 10/10, but 12/10!



You have got to learn how to make baby steps before you can make a huge leap, right? And that is exactly how Cassalu Coffee & Kitchen started – with humble beginnings. Behind this wonderful restaurant café is a couple, Noel & Loren, with a burning passion for food and specialty coffee.






They first offered their homemade pastries to their relatives, friends, and colleagues and as soon as they saw how delighted people are with their food and they have raised some funds from what they have sold, they started investing on kitchen tools, made bigger strides by joining night markets and Christmas bazaars, found out and learned more about specialty coffee as coffee is part of their routine, and sooner rather than later, finally took that leap into opening their very own café which is now known as Cassalu Coffee & Kitchen, named after their children, Cassandra and Lucas, and coincidentally sounds like “kasalo” meaning a person with whom one shares meals.


As Cassalu Coffee & Kitchen now have more than just pastries, but also have appetizers, mains, and so much more, their Nachos (Php 168) is of nacho chips topped with chili con carne, salsa, ranch, and grated cheese.


Another finger food coming up is the Buffalo Chicken Wings (Php 218) which is deep fried chicken wings hand tossed in buffalo sauce, served with ranch dip which balances out the spice of the sauce itself.


Here comes a favorite, the Seafood Chowder (Php 228) is definitely a must-try as it is a rich and creamy soup loaded with mussels, shrimps, squids, and carrots.


Next is the Pumpkin Soup (Php 128) which is such a hearty soup made of yummy squash puree, chicken stock, and cream.


For something light and fresh, the Oriental Salad (Php 208) is of crisp lettuce, carrots, crab stick, crispy wonton, diced mangoes, and shredded nori, served with a delightful Asian dressing.


After that is something of an innovation of a classic Filipino dish that is loved by many, Chef Red’s Kaldereta Pasta (Solo Php 268 | Sharing Php 528) is an extraordinary twist that is a perfect blend of deep flavor and spiciness.



While the Sausage Threesome (Solo Php 258 | Sharing Php 508) is another pasta dish that is a rich blend of garlic native longganisa, Hungarian sausage, and herbed breakfast sausage in a creamy white sauce with a bit of chunky tomato sauce.


More onto some pasta, the Spicy Sardines Aglio Olio (Solo Php 228 | Sharing Php 448) is undeniably for the spicy lovers as this one is pasta tossed with spicy sardines, olive oil, garlic, and chili flakes.


Of course, as Filipinos, every meal should at least have rice, and so Cassalu Coffee & Kitchen made sure that they have some rice dishes that everyone can enjoy; one of which is the Crispy Chicken Ala King (Php 308) and is of crispy chicken breast topped with cream sauce, mushroom, corns, and bell peppers, alongside Cassalu fried rice and garlic baby potatoes.


After having some chicken, it is just right to have some pork as well and that is what Hickory Pork Belly (Php 328) is. It is tender, slow cooked pork belly basted with hickory smoked barbecue, that comes with corn and Cassalu fried rice, and it is another favorite.


Another chicken dish is the Sesame Glazed Chicken (Php 328) that also comes with Cassalu fried rice, together with mashed potato. This pan grilled chicken thigh fillet has savory, sweet, and toasty sesame flavors that are a blend of absolute wonder.


If you feel like you need more of a chicken fill, then go order up the Basket of Country Fried Chicken (3 pieces Php 348 | 5 pieces Php 568) which is a serving of well-loved crispy and juicy fried chicken with potato wedges and gravy.


For dessert, as Cassalu Kitchen & Coffee started their amazing story by selling homemade pastries, the Dozen Flavors Cheesecake (Php 1350) is the right way to go when you want to have a taste of the sweet surprise that this café has for you!


After having so many dishes, the Fresh Dalandan Pitcher (Php 95 | Php 228) is perfect for that casual chit-chats while digging into delicious dishes by Cassalu Kitchen & Coffee.


Another drink that can be considered as a dessert as well is the Very Berry Smoothie (Php 175), which is actually a favorite, is a lovely mishmash of blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry.


Of course, for some wake up punch, the Panama Boquete Specialty Brewed (Php 315) is a beautiful, aromatic mug of happiness and love that would bring a smile in any coffee lover’s face.


Lastly, the French Vanilla Latte (Medio Php 155 | Grande Php 165) is part of Cassalu Kitchen & Coffee’s Flavored Latte which has a shot of espresso with steamed milk, your choice of flavored syrup (French Vanilla, Caramel, Almond, Hazelnut) and a thin layer of foamed milk that is such a heavenly bliss and so it is hands down a favorite!

With the mission that is to share an exciting experience in transforming the traditional coffee rituals of consumers to the artisanal level of appreciation, while engaging each guest in discovering the harmony between coffee and food by consistently delivering not only promising cup of excellence and coffee, but also savory and creative dishes and pastries, Cassalu Kitchen & Coffee envisions itself to be the world’s leading purveyor of exciting dining experience and wonderful coffee journey for an exciting life!

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Facebook: Cassalu Coffee and Kitchen

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Featured Branch: Cassalu Coffee and Kitchen at the Circuit Mall, Makati City

Address: Second Floor, Circuit Lane, Ayala Malls Circuit, Olympia, Makati City

Contact Number: 02 7453903

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 10AM to 10PM

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