Homebokki: House of Tteokbokki and Korean Streetfood

Our fascination and love for Korean culture goes beyond idols and kdramas, because there is no denying that our palate loves their cuisine too. From savory, saucy dishes to sweet and refreshing desserts, our cravings are already acting up just by thinking all about it.

As our love for their food grow even stronger and our cravings even more intense, we continue to search for more of what we can try, and we are glad to have found Homebokki. Homebokki is an online food store that highlights Korean food, particularly their Streetfood.

Korean Streetfood got us drooling and craving even in the middle of the night, so we made sure to get ourselves some of Homebokki’s delicious offerings, starting with their Kimbap.

Their Kimbap (Pork Php 180 | Beef Php 200) which is actually of Samgyupsal Style, comes in 10 to 12 pieces per roll, with lettuce, carrots, danmuji, egg, rice, cucumber, and their signature Kimbap sauce. This one also includes three yummy side dishes, so that’s definitely a plus!

Another one that had us wanting for more is their Crab & Nori (Php 170). This one is a hearty serving of 5 crab sticks, odeng which is also known as fish cake, nori, and is served with eel and sriracha sauce. Truly, a food adventure we won’t get tired of!

Meanwhile, as we wanted something saucy too, we went for two more of their dishes. Their Tteokbokki (Php 170) which is also called Ttbok, and is good for 2 to 3 people, is made with rice cake, cheese, sliced fish cakes, and their signature Homebokki sauce; while their Jjajangmyeon (Php 200) is made with noodles, blackbean sauce, alongside beef and egg on top. Both of these sumptuous dishes surely were satisfying and filling, and we are now thinking of ordering again.

These are just some of what Homebokki has in store and we definitely would be trying more of their offerings next time. Also, as much as we love spicy food, we think it is still nice that Homebokki has two spicy levels for their Homebokkie sauce, because not everyone could handle spicy after all.

Homebokki is available on Facebook and Instagram, so if any of their products got your mouths watering, then feel free to check them out. Got any questions? Go on and message them, too.

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