House of Gui: One of the Best Unlimited Yakiniku, Shabu Shabu, and Buffet Restaurants in Laguna you should definitely not miss out!


Coined from the Korean word “Gui” which means “Grill” in English, this eat all you can buffet and barbecue grilling in Laguna is your newest go to munch-on-fix that would not only satisfy your cravings, but also chase your stress away from that week-long toxicity you have gone through.




Would you believe if I tell you House of Gui, highlighting both Korean and Japanese cuisines, offering unlimited yakiniku, shabu shabu, and buffet, only started almost about eight months ago but has established two branches already in Laguna? Well, believe me, because as wowza that information seems, it is nothing but the truth.

The Founder and Owner of House of Gui, Perie Develos, who actually is a homegrown photographer of What To Eat PH has been inspired from different restaurant features and wide array of food he has tried, considering he enjoys cooking as well, he took the leap with a dash of courage and a load of support from his friends and family as he opened his first branch in the summer of 2018. Perie, together with his wife, Joy, did not expect much when they started, but they were surprised with how warm they were welcomed by the people with not only open arms, but hungry tummies and opened mouths ready to taste and savor what they have to offer.


House of Gui’s closing time is 10PM in reality, but with the crowd they got their first months, they had to implement a cut-off of 6PM because stocks were running out fast – no wonder because House of Gui is really a mixture of both greatness and humbleness. With not only a splendid presentation, great food choices, delicious dishes, but also smiling and accommodating staff, House of Gui has definitely gained regular and loyal coming customers which are growing in number even more.

After having an undeniable success with their first branch that is in Pacita, Perie and Joy opened their second branch with Tes, Perie’s sister, which you can find in Halang. This newly opened House of Gui branch is sporting a much bigger space with a simple yet homey and cozy ambiance that your friends and family will surely be comfy enough to enjoy delicious food over chit-chats and laughters.


House of Gui has three different unlimited dining rates that will no doubt fill your tummies without hurting your pockets. For Php 299 you will be able to get unlimited pork yakiniku and buffet. If your hunger level needs something more than that, then go for their Php 399 offering which includes unlimited, pork, chicken, and beef yakiniku, together with maki and buffet. However, if you are the type of person that is go big or go home, then delight in the Php 499 offer because not only does this come with unlimited pork, chicken, and beef yakiniku, combined with maki and buffet, but also this is served with a hearty and delicious serving of shabu shabu.


For when you are curious of what House of Gui has to offer in regards to their buffet, well, go crazy with spicy wings, spicy tofu, spare ribs, bulgogi, or tonkatsu, gyoza, potato marble or croquette, japchae, soup of the day, and of course, plain rice or chahan.


What we had here in House of Gui is their Php 499 offering wherein we really had fun doing some shabu shabu while also grilling our meats, even getting to dip them in a mishmash of cheese that is creamy and of drool-worthy cheese pull! On the other hand, their shabu shabu comes with two types of soup – one is of spicy taste for the adventurous like us and the other of course for the non-spicy lovers which some of us are, but both are definitely to die for, considering you get to put whatever you want to put in your soup, may it be fresh, crunchy veggies or tender, tasty meat slices, or maybe even both!

For their buffet, what we had was House of Gui’s Chicken Buldak, Japchae, Japanese Croquette, and what just might be a part of their secret menu dedicated for their loyal customers, the Coffee Jelly.


The Chicken Buldak which is a spiced, barbecued chicken dish is of Korean cuisine that is certainly flavorful and tender while having that fun crunch in every bite.


Following that is their Japchae which is also of Korean cuisine, sporting a sweet and savory taste with stir-fried glass noodles and crunchy veggies that adds a pop of color to the whole dish.


Next is the Japanese Croquette which is a delicious fried food that is loved by people of all ages made with potatoes, meat, and some vegetables.


Lastly, for dessert, which actually is off-the-menu and is given only to loyal customers, is House of Gui’s Coffee Jelly. It is such a sweet, delectable treat in a glass that is all milky, creamy, and yummy!

Also, House of Gui is up for some partying with you, so if you are looking for a venue for your upcoming celebration or even just some bulk orders, do not hesitate to inquire about House of Gui’s awesome and affordable events packages!

With that, House of Gui’s dishes may be of Korean and Japanese cuisine, but Perie, Joy, Tes, and the whole of their team make sure that their dishes are not only of great taste, but are of great quality as well because each dish has gone through thorough research in order to provide its diners the best recipe and dining experience they could offer, so watch out for House of Gui as they have so much more grilling just for you!


For all the cheese lovers, this new add-on of House of Gui will definitely get you excited. For only 50 pesos, get all the cheese that you want with their Unli Cheese Add-on.

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