House of Lasagna has something new for you — Classic Ensaymada!

Our love for House of Lasagna is no secret. We have tried a couple of their lasagnas already and we also delighted in their recently launched dessert line; and now we also got our hands on their newest addition: their Classic Ensaymadas. Ensaymadas have been a household favorite of ours. It sure has made a few bitter days a whole lot sweeter as it also has lifted our spirits up when something is just not going our way, so no doubt, we enjoyed having these Classic Ensaymadas by House of Lasagna.

Launched just on the first week of December, this new treat by House of Lasagna is ready to make your days brighter and more fun in every bite. Soft, cheesy, buttery, and just overall dreamy, we just keep on snatching piece after piece of this lovely goodie! Truly, we enjoy these even more with a cup of coffee, tea, or sometimes even hot chocolate. It’s the perfect snack to have every time we go on breaks. It just makes everything worth it.

These Classic Ensaymadas by House of Lasagna is currently up for grabs in a Box of 6 (Php 420) as well as in a Box of 12 (Php 820), so whether you are ready to go big or bigger, they sure are ready to make you happy. Both boxes are of elegant gold holiday boxes that are perfect for gifting and House of Lasagna could also customize a card to give your friends and family too.

House of Lasagna really has everything from savories to sweets, so no need to look further. You could visit their Facebook and Instagram for more information on their products and how you could order.

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