House of Lasagna now has HotBox!

Want to get the best quality food upon delivery? Worried your food is all cold and not fresh anymore once it reached your doorstep? Well, House of Lasagna has the perfect solution for that! Now you can have their luscious dishes as if you are dining in and your food just got out of their kitchen because of their oh-so-fantastic HotBoxes!

People have been raving about these HotBoxes ever since hotels have adapted to it. Now, though, you don’t have to order from hotels just to try it out, because House of Lasagna could bring that next level experience to you too!

A HotBox is one of the latest innovations in the food scene lately. It promises to keep your food safe and convenient for travel as it is a self-heating, portable food box that allows you to enjoy a hot meal anytime and anywhere. HotBox also comes in different sizes and is actually a proud Filipino product which you can experience with House of Lasagna!

Thinking what food to go for from House of Lasagna that you could put in a HotBox? Honestly, you could request most of their food to be placed in a HotBox if you really intend to solve your cold food and freshness dilemmas, but of course, we are here to give you an idea of the few yummies you could have.

First up is their well-loved Chicken Cordon Bleu (Single Php 349 | Half Tray Php 890 | Whole Tray Php 1760) which is a serving of scrumptious breadcrumbs-coated chicken breast stuffed with ham and swiss cheese, deep fried to golden perfection and topped with creamy sauce! This dish is great for when you have a celebration coming up or you feel like turning a regular day into more of like a special one.

Another dish to have for when you want to have a feast is none other than House of Lasagna’s bestselling Beef Lasagna (Single Php 295 | Half Tray Php 920 | Whole Tray Php 1690)! This House of Lasagna favorite is made with 100% premium ground beef so you surely will be enjoying a tasty, hearty, and heavy-on-the-belly dish if you go for this one.

Lastly, their Baked Prawns (Single Php 499 | Half Tray Php 1490 | Whole Tray Php 2960) are an absolute must-try! This is a luscious serving of medium black tiger prawns topped with cheese, garlic, and herbs, oven baked to melty perfection, with a bed of buttered peas, and corn and carrots underneath. Truly, a dish you should not be missing out on!

These three dishes are just a few of the House of Lasagna food trays which you can upgrade to a HotBox that will keep your food hot, fresh, and of top quality! Just add Php 75 and your HotBox meal is good to go! Learn more about what you could put in a HotBox by visiting House of Lasagna’s Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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