How to Throw an Impromptu and Practical Salu-Salo?

When it comes to feast and celebrations, Filipinos will never be left behind.  We surely know how to throw an extravagant party.  We definitely know how to spend those cash.

But more often that not, these only applies to those that are well-off.  For the rest of us, spending tons of cash is not a very wise option.

But there’s an easy fix on how to celebrate and throw a meaningful salu-salo without losing those tons of cash.

Throwing a party does not really mean going heavy on the decorations, tons of preparations and lavish food at the table.  More often, it’s those people within the party that matters the most.

You can throw a luxurious party and yet it can still be the most boring one.  On the contrary, you can throw a simple and practical one that can also be a meaningful one.

So how exactly do we do this.

  1.  First thing on my list, find a nearby restoaurant that has a good reputation when it comes to food but serves it at a very affordable price.  In my experience”Mahal Kita Drive in and Restaurant” continues to wowed me with their good service and great food.  Their food offering is really cheap and yet delicious. They even deliver for free if you are within Pasay Area.  You can reach them from the contact numbers below.10420371_287849501421899_1792864290332408615_n

You can choose from their appetizing and very affordable menu below.



2.  When you’re done with ordering food, have it delivered so you wont have to waste time picking it up and no waste of money for transportation or gas.

3.  Prepare or pick-up some  local bread or delicacy from a nearby bakery or store to add to the courses that you will be serving.  In my case, I prepare PUTO to compliment the food I ordered.


4.  For drinks, you can opt for Coke or any sodas, as well as you can prepare Orange Juice or Pineapple juice for your health conscious friends.

5.Then when you’ve got the food all covered, make sure you have enough paper plates, cups, spoons and forks so you won’t have to worry about washing the dishes.

6.  You can also set-up some of your decorations that you may purchase from a local bookstore or National Bookstore.

7.  Lastly, make sure you have invited the guests, otherwise it’s not going to be a Salu-Salo if there will be few people.


NOTE: I am not sponsored or paid by “Mahal Kita Restaurant” nor endorsing them.

I just simply have multiple engagements with them that I was more than satisfied, thus the mentioning of their name.

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