If you are up for everything, then you are up for Localizmnl

If what you are looking for are curated food selections, then congratulations, because Localizmnl is exactly that. They are a one-stop-shop that could help you save on delivery cost while also being able to provide quality food choices that would surely satisfy your cravings. From Filipino classics to Korean favorites, their menu is definitely packed with a lot of yummies.

Their Callos a la Madrilena is just one of their many bestselling dishes and you will absolutely get why once you got a taste of it. This one is of a traditional family recipe of mouth watering ox tripe stew and is packed with different flavors coming from homemade chorizos, pancetta, red sweet peppers, tomatoes, and more. There is just no denying that this dish is a must-try!

Speaking of a must-try dish, another dish of Localizmnl that can be called that is none other than their Sirloin Beef Salpicao. This classic Pinoy viand is surely a hit in any’s household and that is because this one is of tender beef cuts in savory, tasty sauce with fried garlic and green onions. Indeed, this one would have anyone digging into more than what they intended to and that is so not an issue.

Thinking of another goodie by Localizmnl that is not at all an issue to dig into? It is their Baechu Kimchi, y’all. This one is part of their curated Local Korean Menu that is filled with more Korean treats that is just so hard to resist. Pair this one with perhaps their Japchae or even Bulgogi and your tummy and palate will absolutely thank you!

Localizmnl is up on Facebook and Instagram. Their stocks are subject to availability so it is better for you to check on them first. You can also check out their Highlights on Instagram to know more about them, such as their Guidelines and even How to Order.

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