If you have always loved being treated special, then you will indeed have a delicious blast at Wolfgang Steakhouse!

All you got to do at Wolfgang Steakhouse is sit back, relax, chomp down some chunks and chunks of tender and oozing with flavor steaks, especially now that they have some new additions to their bar menu that would make not only your dining experience, but also your drinking experience with them even more exquisite that it already is.

Get extra special treatment during Wolfgang Steakhouse’s Happy Hour that runs from 3PM to 7PM and 9PM to 12MN when you sit in their bar counter wherein you can get more drinks quicker with the friendly bartender just within your reach while you chat with your friends more casually and enjoy the long night ahead even more.

That being said, you can ease your way into a wonderful night by munching on their Steak Salad (Php 888) that is a hefty serving of greens and oh so yummy meat that would make you crave for more meatastic fun with your pals.

With your cravings needing some satisfaction, level you palate up with their Wolfgang Steak Sandwich (Php 748) that is of USDA prime dry-aged NY sirloin steak slices served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, steak, fries, and onion rings.

For more international flavors that would easily bring your taste buds to a different country, check out their Taste of Tokyo selection because their Katsu Steak Sandwich (Japanese Style) with Saporro (Php 1488) is the one to beat. This one is of USDA prime filet mignon cutlet sandwich served with potato chips and tonkatsu sauce; and if you are not that much of a drinker you can order this one a la carte for only Php 1288.

Another great pairing with your choice of drink is Wolfgang Steakhouse’s Steak Crostini (Php 888) which is a serving of USDA prime dry-aged sirloin steak with horseradish cream on crostini. And if you want more crostini that are of other variants, you can opt for their Crabmeat Crostini (Php 388), Salmon Crostini (Php 248), and Tuna Tartar Crostini (Php 248) which you can get a plate of each on their own or a set of all.

Next to that, if you are down for more bread and of course, steaks, better order their USDA Prime Dry-aged Burger Sliders (Php 238) because this one is such an awesome dish to gobble down while making more good memories with people dear to you.

Other than breads, salads, and steaks, Wolfgang Steakhouse also highlights some dishes that are of gifts from the sea such as their Fresh Oysters (Php 688). This one is a beautiful serving of 2 pieces of Fine de Claire oysters on the half shell.

And of course, being in the bar with a bunch of bar chows without even just a single drink might come off as absurd, so grab yourself even just one of their specialty cocktails that you will surely love, just like the Overthyme (Php 528). This one is deliciously concocted with botanist gin, strawberries, fresh grapefruit, balsamic vinegar, black pepper, house-made oregano thyme syrup, and ginger beer.

Wolfgang Steakhouse truly knows what they are doing with their steaks, especially that their owner actually worked in a steakhouse for 40 years or so, wherein the owner got the inspiration to open up his own. Also, all their steak items are dry-aged for 28 days in order to achieve its mouth-watering tenderness and drool-worthy flavor.

Make sure to drop by at Wolfgang Steakhouse, as they now have three branches around the metro, just waiting for you to enjoy their food and drinks alongside with your family and friends. They also can accommodate you for special occasions as well such as table reservations beforehand that would make your pre-dining experience with them more convenient.

Featured Branch on this article is at Wolfgang Steakhouse Podium.

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