If you love ube, you are going to love all of Purple Crumbs Kitchen

There is something about the color purple that makes it lovely, is it not? There is also something about ube that gets people crazy over it – it probably is the color purple, but what we are sure about is that people go crazy over it because of its yummy taste!

Ube is a famous Filipino delicacy that can be turned into more delish desserts and that’s what Ube Crumbs Kitchen specializes on. Looking for homemade purple yam breads, pastries, and so much more? Purple Crumbs Kitchen goodies are definitely the ones you should be reaching for then!

As ube is the star of Purple Crumbs Kitchen, a great way to start with them is through their Coconut Ube Halaya as well as their Ube Cheese Halaya (350 grams Php 160). You could love both as they are and maybe fill yourself up with it alongside some crackers or bread.

Speaking of bread, Purple Crumbs Kitchen is not only offering ube halaya, because as we have mentioned they have more than that like Ube Spanish Bread (Half a Dozen Php 180 | A Dozen Php 320) and Ube Cream Cheese Bread (Half a Dozen Php 200 | A Dozen Php 380)! These ube treats  will give you that distinct yet delightful ube flavor you will definitely adore every time.

And for when you want more of Purple Crumbs Kitchen’s goodness, why not go for their Ube Cheesecake Cookies? Surely, this one will not only give you that much loved ube fun, but also that classic cheesecake delectableness. Not only that, though, this one will give you both of that yum in one lovely cookie treat, so you are no doubt getting only not one, not even two, but three wonderful snacks in one scrumptious offering.

Purple Crumbs Kitchen sure has a lot more to offer as they even just released some new products recently such as crinkles and tarts, so don’t forget to visit their Facebook and Instagram pages to check those out, too. And if you are ready to order, make sure to fill out their order form and give them a message or send them an email at purplecrumbsph@gmail.com.    

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