Ihaw On The Go offers vacuum sealed streetfood you can grill at home — yay!

Filipino streetfood is one of our guilty pleasures and these goodies are one of the many things that we miss having, so when we heard about Ihaw On The Go, we absolutely did not waste any time and we checked out their products right away. Ihaw On The Go offers a selection of classic grilled streetfood ready to be delivered at your doorstep.

If you miss being the one that is actually grilling your streetfood of choice, then lucky you, because Ihaw On The Go also can provide you their products, vacuum sealed. Such a yay moment, right?

No doubt, you will enjoy every bite of your chosen Ihaw On The Go streetfood, especially because you can order more than one type of streetfood. Currently, Ihaw On The Go has six tasty streetfood options for you and these are Chicken BBQ, Chicken Isaw, Bulaklak, Pork BBQ, and Pork Ears.

However, these streetfood are not the only grilled treats you could avail from Ihaw On The Go, because they also have some thick and tender slices of sumptuous Liempo. Absolutely mouthwatering, right?

Indeed, Ihaw On The Go’s vacuum sealed streetfood option is a plus for us, because we can have it stored for some time and then when we feel like having some, we can just put them out and grill it. This is really hooray for us!

Catch more of Ihaw On The Go and their drool-worthy grilled goodies by following their Social Media Pages which are Facebook and Instagram. Got any questions? Feel free to message them.

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