In a range of 1 to 10, how sexy is this sexy tapas bar? Answer: Tomatito Manila!

Oozing of sexiness and fiery hues, it’s hard not to take notice of this striking food spot that seems to attract people like a moth to a flame. The difference is unlike a moth getting burned when it touches the flame, Tomatito draws people to dine in it, have fun, and be free. Recognized as Shanghai’s sexy tapas bar, Tomatito got its name from famous Spanish Flamenco guitarist José Fernández Torres, aka Tomatito. In Tomatito, everyone is enticed to enjoy their time, make conversation, and essentially, just have fun.

With dim lights that get dimmer as the night progresses, leather seats surrounding small tables becoming filled by locals and foreigners alike, this seductive tapas bar is definitely the place for people who got that funky vibe going on. Anyone would easily let loose and have a blast at Tomatito as its 80s inspired interiors – such as their bright neon lights and colorful wallpaper, movie posters and vinyl record covers of 80s Latino and Latina stars line their walls – will make you boogie down while pop music from that era umps up the place, but never too loud to drown out some chitchat with your family and/or friends.

Tomatito Manila has just about everything its Shanghai flagship has, but with several added extras that cater to the Filipino palate as Filipinos are known to have a liking for intense flavors that seem to give a bang!


We are not to end this one with a bang, and we are not to start this one with a bang as well, because Tomatito served us their Salmon TNT (Php 595)! Giving us not just a bang, but a BOOM!!! Yes, with all capital letters and three exclamation points, Salmon TNT comes with pieces of explosive balik smoked salmon with honey and truffle. This dish is surely a crowd favorite and is recommended to be eaten in one bite to fully experience its aromatic, sweet, salty, crunch explosion!



Following this is another crispy adventure with Mini Taco de Atún y Pulpo (Php 440). It is tasty tuna and octopus mini tacos in crispy wonton. This is a bold take on the typical beef taco we are more familiar with, but we surely can say that this is such a level up in our taco gaming that we are so happy to taco ‘bout.


Next bomb we are about to drop is Tomatito’s Cevichito Mio (Php 390). If you want to add a little spice in your palate, this Mexican style tuna ceviche with red onion, coriander, chili, green sauce, and fried baby squid is the one for you!


We try not to have any beef with anybody because we want to keep it chill with everybody but Tomatito serving us their Carpaccio “El descarado” (Php 310) is an exception because we’re not just down for this kind of beef – with beef tenderloin carpaccio, truffle sour cream, capers, radish, feta cheese, and cherry tomatoes, we’re more than ready to double down.


If you’re trying to be healthy, no worries, Titos and Titas, Tomatito still has something you will certainly love munching on – Ensalada Don Carlos (Php 340). It is a salad of mixed green leaves, red lollo rosso lettuce, spinach, peanuts, cranberries, and Sriracha yogurt dressing – perfect for that punch of spicy flavor.


If you’re going to meet an old friend at Tomatito, you can order Tomatito Cochi (Php 1750) and drop the line, “And so, we meat again…”, because this dish is 1/6 of Confit, crispy suckling pig with seasonal compote and roasted “Piquillo” sauce. We mean, it’s definitely heaven for meat lovers!


Of course, to top this all off, Tomatito’s Flan Tropical (Php 260) sealed the deal with us. Passion fruit and Spanish flan, “dulce de leche” and mango sauce? Oh, yes, you absolutely have to have a flan – this flan, in this case – to make your dreams come true.

Tomatito won’t be known for being a sexy tapas bar without drinks that is perfect for beer o’clock or for someone who has mixed drinks for feelings, so we got to try one of their very original sangria recipe using both red and white wine, fresh passion fruit, mango, and a kick of vodka. Tomatito’s Passion Fruit Sangria (Php 650), which usually comes in a pitcher, is the wonderful blend of fruity kick that had us drinking responsibly… And by drinking responsibly, we mean by not spilling it.

If you are game for some fun, attractive, and playful aura, Tomatito is the clear answer to that. Enjoy the different flavors and the different textures of every dish you order and take pleasure in how each ingredient boosts each other up to craft something undeniably more than delicious.

Bring your amigos and amigas with you and let go of the unique sexiness each one of you has at Tomatito, the sexy tapas bar; BGC Corporate Center, 11th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila.

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