In the talks of dishes that are tasty and interiors that are of intricacy, Café Mediterranean is your sissy

Bright elegant interiors that speak their brand, intricate design and just gorgeous ambiance that gives off a cozy, comfy vibe that goes well with the blissful menu offering they have, Café Mediterranean is such a beautiful place to dine in – whether you are delighting in some me-time or enjoying the company of some.

Many have gone here and have left with huge smiles plastered on their faces as if they have a hanger in their mouth that is keeping it wide which has got us extra enthusiastic to try out their food, especially Café Mediterranean has actually been called a crowd favorite by some.

Starting with their Hummus with Mushrooms and Caramelized Onions. It just made us curious and excited to get to try more of the yummy dishes they have, especially we adored the added succulent goodness of the mushroom in this dish.

After that, we got to have two of their delicious kebab variants such as their Chicken Doner Kebabs which all the vegetables and the chicken complemented the pita and the Beef Kebabs with Pita which were undeniably flavorful and easy to chew.

Followed those with their Shish Taouk with Biryani, a traditional Turkish shish kebab which can be found in Syrian and Lebanese cuisine that has that lovely, distinct smokey taste and had us hooked in every bite.

Next to that is their Moussaka with Rice Pilaf, a classic Greek dish of layered eggplant, ground beef, and betchamel sauce that is loaded with cheese and beef – all things meat, eggplant, and simply yummy in each mouthful.

And for their pizza which all their variants are considered a must-try, we luckily got to try their Pizza Mediterranea which is topped with sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, grilled eggplant, and zucchini slices, anchovies. You can also have this in its vegetarian version without the anchovies, so if you are vegetarian, you sure have something to munch here.

Lastly, for dessert, we had one of their many sumptuous ones which is their Panna Cotta. This one is a light cream flan without eggs and your choice of orange and mango sauce, and what we got is the orange sauce and we couldn’t get any giddier.

From Appetizers & Little Plates, to Sandwiches, to Pasta, to Pizza, to Gyro, to Gyro Plates, to Doner, and even to Large Plates, Café Mediterranean has a vegetarian menu for all of it which would greatly make any vegetarian jump for joy.

Truly, Café Mediterranean is one for the books especially of the wide menu offering and the jaw-dropping, light feel the space actually has. Plus, a single order really will make you full and the price to food ratio is reasonable and just right as well.

Many regular diners have said awesome things about Café Mediterranean leading the expectations of new ones on a high bar, but of course, Café Mediterranean just keeps on meeting those expectations and even exceeding it – thanks to the warm, friendly staff that makes the already great dining experience even greater than it is. 

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