Indulge in a Grand Breakfast Buffet by BE GRAND Bohol’s The Food Hall

Buffets are all the rave now. There’s just something about getting the most out of something that seems to attract diners, are we right? Anyway, we have been to a lot of buffets already, particularly breakfast buffets when we are staying at resorts and hotels, so assuming we did have a breakfast buffet with Be Grand Resort actually is true. Be Grand Resort is one of the two resorts we have stayed in when we were in Bohol and we think it is enough to say that their name speaks for itself – they truly are grand, and the breakfast we had in one of their dining concepts called The Food Hall is nothing less of that.

If you haven’t put two and two together, The Food Hall houses Be Grand Resort’s breakfast buffets not only for their stay-in guests, but also for walk-ins who just want to indulge in a spread of brekky nomnoms. That is not a problem at all as there is enough space for everyone. Overall, The Food Hall could accommodate even up to 200 diners; plus diners actually have three options of where to sit – indoors, al fresco, and wet dining. During our tour, the day before of our breakfast with The Food Hall, the wet dining option really piqued our interest, so lo and behold, this interesting seating option would be best for diners who want to be able to enjoy the view while having their feet under three inches of water, giving them a different kind of morning freshness, so to say.

Speaking of freshness, of course, there is no better way to stay fresh by making sure your tummy is full, so to the breakfast buffet spread we went. We were actually the first ones to be there, so the spread really was flowing with yummies we just could not resist. From light options like salads and cereals, to heavy delectables like rice and mains, and even down to no doubt freshly baked breads and pastries – everything was just teasing us with its presentation and tempting scent.

With a lot of delicious options right in front of us, we seem to have reached for classics and our go-tos such as a plate of protein which is a hearty serving of  bacon strips, sausage, corned beef, scrambled egg, and of course fried rice, because, well, rice is love and we do love a heavy breakfast.

Going for more rice, we just could not stop ourselves, but to actually make a warm bowl of Congee and a plate of tasty fried danggit and pork adobo for a more Filipino play for our palate. Moving on, we also opted for some pandesal and loaves which we paired with more bacon and eggs again.

And feeling like we wanted to carb up our breakfast even more, we also caught ourselves reaching for sliders and cold cuts, which by the way, is not a sin, so we aren’t embarrassed at all! We stood our ground into really carbing this day up by ending our breakfast with some pastries that are a sweet treat for us, like revel bar, red velvet mini muffin, and even pudding.

There sure were a lot more to feast on, other than the ones we had, because if you want a taste of continental food, you then could go pancakes and waffles and top those with jams and syrups, and even a few candied fruits, too. An option to cook your own noodles is also available which we recommend you guys try because that was really fun – you just have to blanche it and season it to your liking.

If savory congee is not working for you, maybe you could try out a kind of sweet and chocolatey version of it which is their Champorado, because that one is available as well. Of course, with a lot of brekky choices to munch on and gobble down, drinks are also present in the spread in which you could maybe refresh yourself with fruit juices like dalandan and mango or maybe sip on a wake upper like coffee or tea.

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Address: Be Resorts Drive, Brgy. Danao, Panglao, Bohol

Contact Number: (038) 412 9000

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