Indulge in a luscious bed of Paella and more with La Oliva Comida Casera

The Philippines has been heavily i fluenced by other countries’ cultures due to being colonized for hundred of years. As much as those colonizers have cost the Philippines a great deal of pain and suffering, the Filipinos have picked some redeeming life lessons, too, especially in the area of cooking. The food of the Filipinos have been undeniably influenced during those times too and you could and would be able to see that until today.

That is not surprising really, especially when what we are talking about is the Spanish regime. This one is the longest — the Philippines was under them for more than three centuries, so they sure have greatly influenced the Filipinos in a lot of ways; and as we mentioned, including in the kitchen.

That being said, La Oliva Comida Cosera is about giving their clients a taste of Spanish food that would surely get the Filipino palate hooked or swooned. Their menu is filled with Spanish food such as Callos and Paella, but what we had from them was their Paella.

La Oliva Comida Cosera does not only have one Paella option, not even just two, but four Paella dishes in their much adored menu.

Their La Paella Granada (good for 5 to 6 people Php 1800) is an authentic Granadino recipe that combines a rich and creamy saffron-base and arroz mediano with locally sourced seafood, beans, and Spanish chorizo. This also comes with a side of fresh, homemade pimentón aioli, and finished with some fresh coriander; while their Crab Claw Paella (good for 5 to 6 people Php 1900) is their signature paella rice base topped with huge crab claws, slathered with 100% crab fat, alongside their fresh homemade pimentón aioli and fresh coriander. These two paellas will definitely leave you wanting for more, which is not a problem, because as we mentioned, La Oliva Comida Casera has four and we only have shown you two.

Next to those are their Paella De Fiesta De Mariscos and their Paella Con Chicharon. The Paella De Fiesta De Mariscos (good for 5 to 6 people Php 2200) combines two of their bestsellers into one grand, overflowing seafood feast! This has huge tiger prawns, blue crabs, mussels, and large crab claws on a bed of their signature rich and creamy saffron rice together with a side of their homemade pimentón aioli and fresh coriander; while the Paella Con Chicharon (good for 5 to 6 people Php 1800) is of double-fried Spanish pork belly on a bed of their signature rich and creamy saffron rice with Spanish chorizo, together with some greens and again, a side of their homemade aioli.

Indeed, La Oliva Comida Casera has brought than their A-game when it comes to their Paella selection, but that’s not all they have. Find out more of their offerings by visiting their Facebook and Instagram Pages.

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